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PogoAddiction Badges' Rules

1) In order to participate you must be a member of the PogoAddiction.com Forum.  You can join PogoAddiction by clicking on "Forum" at the top of this page and then "Register" on the forum.

2) You must have a Club Pogo Account.  If you don't have one, you can't complete must of these challenges.

3) You may not use any: hacks, cracks, mods, or autos for these challenges.  These badges are based on a honor system, and ultimately, it will be on your conscience. Please be honest about your challenges.  This isn't pogo your ripping, your just not having the fun that was intended by these challenges.

4)  Once you have completed or reached a certain requirement, you must take a snapshot of that and use the "Submission Form".  The badges will then be awarded as time permits and if the challenge was faithfully and successfully executed and completed.

5) You may edit out any information that you do not wish for me to see.  This can include: your screen name, your tokens, the room link, and the chat box on the right side of your gaming window.  If you feel comfortable, with me seeing this information, then you can just leave it.

6) When you submit your completion of a challenge, please fill out the form correctly and completely.

7) Any information or badges that you wish to see, can be done from www.badges.pogoaddiction.com To view who has certain badges, you can do that from their profile or clicking on the image of any badges anywhere you see it.  If you have any suggestions, requests, or badge designs of your own you would to bring to my attention, please use the appropriate board on the PogoAddiction.com Forum.

8) Do not submit individual parts of any challenges.  Submit all relevant information at ONE TIME.  I will not keep track of your status and may ultimately end up with you not receiving the credit you deserve!

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