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Mix-and-Match Badges

Each Mix-And-Match Badge costs 1 Mix-and-Match ticket which can be purchased from the PogoAddiction Forum Shop for PA tokens here.

You MUST use ONE ticket per Mix-And-Match Request, immediately before submitting the request (same process as with Personal Challenges).

Flying High Badge Flying High Badge
Aces Up!

Win 6000 tokens!

Silver Bullet Badge Silver Bullet Badge
Aces Up!

Complete 12 Squadrons!

Careful Cactus Badge Careful Cactus Badge
Addiction Solitaire

Award 3 gifts!

Spike Lamp Shade Badge Spike Lamp Shade Badge
Addiction Solitaire

Earn 7 token gifts!

Reeling in Tokens Badge Reeling in Tokens Badge
Ali Baba Slots

Win 10,000 tokens!

B1 Bingo Tiki Badge B1 Bingo Tiki Badge
Bingo Luau

Make 50 CORRECT predictions!

Be One With The Bingo Badge Be One With The Bingo Badge
Bingo Luau

Win 20 Team Bonuses!

Spin Party Badge Spin Party Badge
lackjack Carnival

Get 15 Pushed Hands!

A Couple Couples Badge A Couple Couples Badge

Get 50 Canastas!

It's All About the 3s Badge It's All About the 3s Badge

Collect 100 Red 3's!

Lovin' Canasta Badge Lovin' Canasta Badge

Collect 500 Red 3's!

Seeing the Rainbow Badge Seeing the Rainbow Badge

Earn 150 Canastas!

Two Two Badge Two Two Badge

Get 12 Red Threes!

Underwater Eruption Underwater Eruption Badge
Casino Island Blackjack

Earn 100 Blackjacks!

Bake Me A Cake Badge Bake Me A Cake Badge
Crazy Cakes

Serve 600 Desserts!

Bakin' Fairy Badge Bakin' Fairy Badge
Crazy Cakes

Fill 50 EXPERT Quotas!

In the Oven Badge In the Oven Badge
Crazy Cakes

Serve 3,000 desserts!

Trashed Frog Badge Trashed Frog Badge
Crazy Cakes

Fill 20 Expert Quotas!

Burnin' Up the Club Badge Burnin' Up the Club Badge
Dice City Rollers

Collect 250 Property Cards!

Championship Drivers Badge  Championship Drivers Badge
Dice Derby

Win 15 Games!

Dog Gone Dominoes Badge Dog Gone Dominoes Badge

Win ANY 50 RATED Games!

Double 5s Times 5 Badge Double 5s Times 5 Badge

Score exactly 25 points on a single turn TWICE!

Golden Dueces Badge  Golden Deuces Badge
Double Deuce Poker

Win 5000 Tokens!

Big Ole Acorn Badge Big Ole Acorn Badge
Everyone Wins Bingo

Pass 50 Wilds!

Forest Badge Forest Badge
Everyone Wins Bingo

Pass 200 Wilds!

Sunset Flight Badge Sunset Flight Badge
First Class Solitaire

Earn 12,000 Tokens!

Flowering Tree Badge Flowering Tree Badge
lower Daze

Convert 8000 Cells!

Crystal Ball Aura Badge Crystal Ball Aura Badge
Fortune Bingo

Earn 100 Jackpot Spins!

Cavendish Badge Cavendish Badge
Golf Solitaire

Earn 50 Jackpot Spins (Wins)!

Golf Course Badge Golf Course Badge
Golf Solitaire

Get 300 Games at Par!

Cat Tails Badge  Cat Tails Badge
Greenback Bayou

Jump 500 Total Flies!

Sunrise Over the Swamp Badge  Sunrise Over The Swamp Badge
Greenback Bayou

Get 35 Total Fireflies!

Hanging Around Badge  Hanging Around Badge
ngman Hijinks

Solve 30 Bonus Words!

Need for Seed Badge Need For Seed Badge
Harvest Mania

Collect 2500 Veggies!

Veggies Gardening Badge Veggies Gardening Badge
Harvest Mania

Collect 5000 Veggies!

Love is in the Air Badge Love is in the Air Badge

Win 25 RATED games!

Bustin My Balls Badge  Bustin My Balls Badge
High Stakes Pool

Win 10 games!

Fish Out of Water Badge  Fish Out of Watcher Badge
High Stakes Pool

Win 20 RATED games!

Ice Sculpture Badge Ice Sculpture Badge
Hog Heaven Slots

Earn 100 Halos!

Fishy Puzzle Piece Badge Fishy Puzzle Piece Badge
Jigsaw Treasure Hunter

Connect 5,000 puzzles pieces!

North and South Badge North and South Badge
Jigsaw Treasure Hunter

Complete 25 Random Puzzles!

Snow-covered Orb Badge Snow-covered Orb Badge
Jigsaw Treasure Hunter

Complete 125 puzzles!

Poisonous Frog Poisonous Frog Badge
Jungle Gin

Win ANY 20 RATED games!

Savanna Tiki Badge Savanna Tiki Badge
Jungle Gin

Win 15 700-point games!

Trapped Badge Trapped Badge
Lost Temple Poker

Win 300 big hands!

Scratcher Cards Badge Scratcher Cards Badge
Lottso! Express

Place 2500 balls!

Elephant's Rage Badge Elephant's Rage Badge
Mahjong Safari

Win 50,000 tokens!

Safari Matches Badge Safari Matches Badge
Mahjong Safari

Match 2,500 tiles!

Zebra Dash Badge Zebra Dash Badge
Mahjong Safari

Give 50 Gifts!

Hair Styles Badge Hair Styles Badge
Makeover Madness

Earn $500,000!

In a Daze Badge In a Daze Badge
Makeover Madness

Serve 10,000 customers!

Banker Badge Banker Badge
MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition

Build 250 or more house or hotels!

Get Passed GO Badge  Get Passed  Badge
MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition

Pass GO 30 Times!

MONOPOLY Board Badge MONOPOLY Board Badge
MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition

Win 25 games!

Smiling Banker Badge MONOPOLY Board Badge

Pass GO 3 Times!

Cheesy Smile Badge  Cheezy Smi Badge
Panda Pai Gow Poker

Win 33 Hands!

Panda Brother Badge Panda Brother Badge
Panda Pai Gow Poker

Get 150 CORRECT Guesses!

Balancing Act Badge Balancing Act Badge
Payday FreeCell

Win 3500 tokens!

Castle Badge Castle Badge
Payday FreeCell

Scratch the highest amount on a Scratch Card 20 times!

Bob's Puzzled Badge Bob's Puzzled Badge
Penguin Blocks

Collect 1,000 Sea Creatures!

Slippery Patch Badge Slippery Patch Badge
Penguin Blocks

Earn $5,000 for your restaurant!

Snowflakes Abound Badge Snowflakes Abound Badge
Penguin Blocks

Retire 5 times!

The Line Forms Here Badge The Line Forms Here Badge
rfect Pair Solitaire

Collect 70 Hearts!

Climbing Scarab Badge Climbing Scarab Badge

Drop 10,000 stones!

Hieroglyphics Badge Hieroglyphics Badge

Win 40 rounds!

Bowling Rack Badge Bowling Rack Badge
Pogo Bowl

Knock Down 20 Gold Pins!

Kung Fu Cactus Badge Kung Fu Cactus Badge
Pop Fu

Earn 15,000 tokens!

Guarding Eggs Badge  Guarding Eggs Badge
Poppa Zoppa

Win 5000 tokens!

Reactor Stompin' Badge Reactor Stompin' Badge
Poppa Zoppa

Explode 20 Reactors!

Galactic Traveler Badge Galactic Traveler Badge

Win 100,000 tokens!

Poping For Goodies Badge  Popping For Goodies Badge

Release 450 P!

Snowball Fight Badge  Snowball Fight Badge

Win 75,000 tokens!

Spike the Dancer Badge Spike the Dancer Badge

Win 150 games!

Seeing Duckies Badge Seeing Duckies Badge
Quick Quack

Earn 25,000 tokens!

QWERTY Fan Badge QWERTY Fan Badge

Capture 150 stars!

Thats Sleet! Badge  Thats Sleet! Badge
Rainy Day Spider Solitaire

Win 50 games!

Hanging Ten Badge  Hanging Ten Badge
Ride The Tide

Win 30 hands!

SCRABBLE Board Badge SCRABBLE Board Badge

Score 50 or more on a triple word score 20 times!

Bumpy and Bubbles Badge Bumpy and Bubbles Badge
Shuffle Bump

Earn 25 Jackpot Spins!

Dancing Your Heart Out Badge  Dance Your Heart Out Badge
Sock Hop Slots

Win 70 games!

Love My Poodle Skirt Badge  Love My Poodle Skirt Badge
Sock Hop Slots

Win 8888 Tokens!

Stocking Stuffer Badge  Stocking Stuffer Badge
Sock Hop Slots

Win 300 games!

Spade Mosaic Badge Spade Mosaic Badge

Earn 1000 tricks!

Seeing Starfish Badge Seeing Starfish Badge

Remove 1555 Squelchies!

Missing Animals Badge Missing Animals Badge

Win 50 games!

Astronaut Meep Badge Astronaut Meep Badge
Stellar Sweeper

Earn 75 Jackpot Spins!

Space Gas Badge Space Gas Badge
Stellar Sweeper

Click 3,500 spaces!

Chilly Mouse Badge Chilly Mouse Badge
Sudoku Puzzle Blast

Finish 100 Puzzles on Hard Difficulty Level!

Sweet Treat Badge Sweet Treat Badge
weet Tooth

Match 5,000 Candies!

Lighthouse Badge Lighthouse Badge
Thousand Island Solitaire

Use EXACTLY 25 Lifesavers!

Lonely Balloon Badge Lonely Balloon Badge
Thousand Island Solitaire

Use 100 Lifesavers!

Maiden Voyage Badge Maiden Voyage Badge
Thousand Island Solitaire

Win 20 Games!

On The Open Seas Badge On The Open Seas Badge
Thousand Island Solitaire

Collect 100 Treasure Chests!

Sea Shanty Badge  Sea Shandy Badge
Thousand Island Solitaire

Collect 50 Treasure Chests!

Sailing Into the Sunset Badge Sailing Into the Sunset Badge
Thousand Island Solitaire

Get 150 PERFECT Finishes!

Ships Badge Ships Badge
Thousand Island Solitaire

Earn EXACTLY 30 Perfect games!

Tex Carter's Lost Treasure Badge Tex Carter's Lost Treasure Badge
Tri-Peaks Solitaire

Earn 7,500 tokens!

Three Times WHAT?!? Badge Three Times What?! Badge
Tri-Peaks Solitaire

Reach the 3X Multiplier 20 times!

Pole Dancing Badge Pole Dancing Badge
Tri-Peaks Solitaire

Win 120 Questions!

Picture Bear Badge Picture Bear Badge
Tumble Bees

Spell 500 words!

Sudden Stop Badge Sudden Stop Badge
Turbo 21

Get 50 "5-Card Gimmies"!

Big Mouth Shark Badge Big Mouth Shark Badge
Vaults of Atlantis Slots

Win 25000 Tokens!

Hatter Badge Hatter Badge
Wonderland Memories

Collect 10,000 cookies!

I Like Cookies Badge I Like Cookies Badge
Wonderland Memories

Collect 200 rabbits!

Oh Whatta Owl Badge Oh Whatta Owl Badge
Word Craft

Win 7500 tokens!

Spell of Worms Badge Spell of Worms Badge
Word Craft

Win 20 games (without Hints)!

Stacked Letters Badge Stacked Letters Badge

Win 20 games!

Searchin' Letters Badge Searchin' Letters Badge
Word Search Daily

Finish a Puzzle on INSANE Difficulty level in under 4 minutes 3 times!

Tropical Christmas Badge  Tropical Christmas Badge
Word Whomp

Win 25,000 tokens!

Whomping Eyes Badge Whomping Eyes Badge
Word Whomp

Munch the Last Word Carrot 20 times!

Digging for Veggies Badge  Digging for Veggies Badge
Word Whomp Whackdown

Win 20 games!

Seven Gophers Standing Badge  Seven Gophers Badge
Word Whomp Whackdown

Win 7700 tokens!

Icy Dice Badge  Icy Dice Badge

Get 75 'Wild' Dice!

Slingin' Dice Badge Slingin' Dice Badge

Get 25 YAHTZEES with sixes!

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