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What is a Screenshot and how do I use it?

A screenshot or a snapshot is essentially a picture of what is on your computer.  This page is designed to walk you through the process of getting and using a snapshot program.

1) Download: PrintKey 2000.

2) Click "Open"

3) Once you open the file, "Run" the installation.

4) Once installed will appear on your desktop.  If it is not on your desktop, find it in your start menu.  Open the program by clicking (or double-clicking on it)

5) A small finger will appear by your clock in the bottom right of your computer screen:

6) Complete whatever challenge you are needing to complete.  When you are at the moment of taking the picture, double-click the finger (that is by the clock)

7) The following screen will appear:

8) Click on

9) A screen like so will open:

10) Do a "Right-Click" on the image.

11) In the menu select "Edit"

12) Microsoft Paint will then open.  From here you may cut out just the game screens or the important parts of the screenshot.  Or you may simple "White-Out) any information that you do not wish for me to see, such as your name, token count, or pogo mini.

13) Once you have edited, cropped, whited-out, ect any thing thing on the screenshot go to "File" then "Save As" and then "Save" your image to someplace that you will be able to find.

14) From this point you would follow the "Submissions" procedures! (If you are using this tutorial for the PA Badges)

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