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To contact me about PogoAddiction Badge issues, or need to submit your completion of a challenge you can use the email address below.  BEFORE CONTACTING ME WITH QUESTION AND INQUIRIES, PLEASE READ THE FAQs SECTION! PLEASE!


I would like to direct you to the "Forum."  On most occasions, I am in the forum and your more likely to get a quicker response by asking your questions.  My moderators, are very experienced, and should be able to answer your questions if I am unavailable.  Please use the appropriate board.  There are a few specific sections just for PogoAddiction challenges and badges.

For PogoAddiction Challenge Badge Submissions or support:
[email protected] 

We will attempt to respond to you as quickly as possible.  Generally, response time should be less than 24 hours, but on most occasions it should be only a matter of a few hours.  Likewise there could potentially be times when a response may take longer than the expected 24 hours.  We are not affiliated with PogoTM in anyway, shape, fashion, or form.  Please contact Pogo for Pogo.com technical or membership information via the pogo.com main page "Help" link.  For more information about this sites relationship to Pogo or Club Pogo, please refer to the Disclaimer located on the PogoAddiction Main Page.


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