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  Case #1 - Disappearing Act - September 2004  

Disappearing Act Badge

Luxor's Stage Show
The Craps Table
A Dark Alley
The Construction Site
  Case #2 - Lost Soul - October 2004  

Lost Soul Badge

The Horn Player
Voo Doo Dolls
The Graveyard
Ghostly Voice
Lost Soul Found
  Case #3 - That Man Is A Lady - November 2004  

That Man Is A Lady Badge

Big Boat
The Cosmetic's Clerk
The Scent In Question
Crusty Loaves
  Case #4 - Who Canned Christmas? - December 2004  

Who Canned Christmas? Badge

Dogged Reindeer
Heavy Barbell
Beefy Steak
Snowy Trees
Santa's Diet

  Case #5 - Death By Darjeeling - January 2005  

Death By Darjeeling Badge

Opera Glasses
Broken Teacup
Security Detail
Deadly Poison
Emerald Eyes
  Case #6 - Bit And Run - February 2005  

Bit And Run Badge

Dead Flowers
Cave Painting
Romantic Dinner
  Case #7 - A Day At The Races - March 2005  

A Day At The Races Badge

Horse Race
Gif Horse
Guilty Look
  Case #8 - The Mobster's Ball - April 2005  

The Mobster's Ball Badge

Edge Of Town
Five Alarm Fire
  Case #9 - Lucky Cat - May 2005  

Lucky Cat Badge

Foreign Document
Under Arrest


  Case #10 - Gone To The Dogs - June 2005  

Gone To The Dogs Badge

Foot Long Hoagie
Dog Park
Meat Locker
  Case #11 - Headless Holiday - July 2005  

Headless Holiday Badge

Uncle Sam
Cotton Candy
Ferris Wheel
George Washington
  Case #12 - Missing Watchmaker - August 2005  

Missing Watchmaker Badge

Pocket Watch
Marble Statue
Pressed Shirts
Makeup Bag
Moving Inventory
  Case #13 - The Case Of Monkey Bar - September 2005  

The Case Of Monkey Bar

Tree House
Monkey Business
Piece Of Cake
  Case #14 - Case of the Missing Keys - October 2005  

The Missing Keys Badge

Alarm Clock
Under My Hat
Disaster Area
Phone Call
The Keys
  Case #15 - The Disoriented Express - November 2005  

The Disoriented Express Badge

The Praire
The Train


  Case #16 - Easy as a Cake - December 2005  

Easy as a Cake Badge

French Pastry
Hand Blender
Chef's Hat
The Bird
Chocolate Cake
  Case #17 - Tailing my own Tail - January 2006  

Tailing my own Tail Badge

  Case #18 - The Art of Framing - February 2006  

The Art of Framing Badge

Break In
Old Files
Crackerbox Badge
Daily Planner
Security Camera
  Case #19 - The Stake Out - March 2006  

The Stake Out Badge

Surveillance Photos
Fire Escape
Trash Can Smell
  Case #20 - Rat in a Maze - April 2006  

Rat in a Maze Badge

Shipping Containers
A Maze
The Whisk
Leaky Faucet
  Case #21 - Case of the Lost Gino - May 2006  

Case of the Lost Gino Badge

Skateboarding Dog
Burnt Toast
Bunch of Sausages
  Case #22 - The Last Precious Thing - June 2006  

The Last Precious Thing Badge

Antique Car
Mediterranean Villa
Boxing Match
Everything They Had
  Case #23 - Rest and Relaxation - July 2006  

Rest and Relaxation Badge

Country Cabin
Stranger in the Woods
Abandon Mine Shaft
Gold Nuggets
  Case #24 - Mind She Came From - August 2006  

Mind She Came From Badge

World Map
Tropical Beach
Sled Dogs
Cargo Ship
Bamboo Forest
  Case #25 - Case of the Living Light Bulb - September 2006  

Case of the Living Light Bulb Badge

Light Bulb
Dark Glasses
Bright Lights
  Case #26 - The Doggie Spa - October 2006  

The Doggie Spa Badge

Dog Grooming
Conveyer Belt
Great Pyrenees
  Case #27 - The Hero Within - November 2006  

The Hero Within Badge

Spiral Notebook
Old Shoe
Digging a Hole
Vicious Dog
Steam Room
  Case #28 - Tex Carter Lives - December 2006  
Tex Carter Lives Badge

Metal Blade
Fake Wall
Computer Hacker
Pith Helmet
Happy Birthday
  Case #29 - Cat Burglar - January 2007  
Cat Burglar Badge
Cat Food
Saucer of Milk
Sleeping Cat
  Case #30 - Bifocal Foible - February 2007  
Bifocal Foible Badge
Eye Exam
Funny Glasses
  Case #31 - Trendy Boot Caper - March 2007  

Trendy Boot Caper Badge
Northern Lights
Love Letter
Ski Lodge
  Case #32 - Freud's Liver - April 2007  

Freud's Liver Badge
Party Balloons
In the News
Coral Beads
Anatomical Model
  Case #33 - Very Good House Keeping - May 2007  

Very Good Housekeeping Badge
Potpourri District
Suburban Living
White Carpet
  Case #34 - A Faire Caper - June 2007  

A Faire Caper Badge
Sword and Shield
Glass Eye
Royal Crown
Blown Glass
Remote Control
  Case #35 - The Re-Gifter - July 2007  

The Re-Gifter Badge
Flooded Toilet
Scented Candle
Smoke Alarm
Wet Chair
  Case #36 - The Vanishing Moth - August 2007  

The Vanishing Moth Badge
Monkey House
The Diner
Lunar Halo Moth
Polyphemus Moth
  Case #37 - The Sickly Orchid - September 2007  

The Sickly Orchid Badge
Swimming Pool
Apartment 32
  Case #38 - The Persistent Snakes - October 2007  

The Persistent Snakes Badge
The Sink
Tools of the Trade
The Watershed
  Case #39 - Case of the Summer Storms - November 2007  

The S
ummer Storms Badge
Chewing Cud
Out in the Fields
The Bard
The Gears Grind On
  Case #40 - Case of the Dainty Elephant - December 2007  

The Dainty Elephant Badge
Country Road
Bed and Breakfast
Dainty Daisy
Daisy in Chains
  Case #41 - Case of the Missing Helmet - January 2008  

The Missing Helmet Badge
Bowling Night
Rainy Night
Eye of the Storm
It's Electric
The Helmet
  Case #42 - The Flighty Librarian - February 2008  

The Flighty Librarian Badge
A Quick Spin
Hung Out To Dry
Clean Scene
Rubber Ducky
Dinner for two
  Case #43 - The Irish Musician - March 2008  

The Irish Musician Badge
Tea and Scones
Music Shop
Thumping Rhythm
The Guitar
Girl's Worst Enemy
  Case #44 - It's All Greek To Me - April 2008  

It's All Greek To Me Badge
The Blue Door
A New Friend
The Blue Dome
Twisty Passages
Windmills of Mykonos
  Case #45 - Norwegian Wall - May 2008  

Norwegian Wall Badge
The Wall
Humble Home
Beach Companion
In the Wild
  Case #46 - The Missing Dentist - June 2008  

The Disappearing Dentist Badge
Tools of the Trade
Breaking the Bank
Empty Halls
A Dog's Life
Not My Type
  Case #47 - Golden Peaches - July 2008  

Golden Peaches Badge
Invite to Tea
Constant Companion
The Monkey
Shaking the Tree
  Case #48 - Thorny Relations - August 2008  

Thorny Relations Badge
Driving Away
Constant Canine
Waiting House
Patriotic Leanings
  Case #49 - Coyote's Eyes - September 2008  

Coyote's Eyes Badge
Cattle Rustling
Viva Las Vegas
Painted Desert
Last Laugh?
  Case #50 - Office Romance - October 2008  

Office Romance Badge
Final Rest
That Time of Year
Beside the Point
Nobody Home
Oh, Candy
  Case #51 - The Crafty Fiance - November 2008  

Crafty Fiance Badge
Scene of the Crime
The Interview
Illicit Delivery
Tools of the Trade?
Romance for Two
  Case #52 - Family Business - December 2008  

Family Business Badge
Trouble in Paradise
And They're Off
Greener Pastures
Competitive Nature
Gift of the Magi
  Case #53 - Under Pressure - January 2009  

Under Pressure Badge
Empty Nest
On the Trail
As Proud as a...
Math is hard
Building a Future
  Case #54 - Prodigal Son - February 2009  

Prodigal Son Badge
Young Love
Can't Take the Heat
Return to Sender
Competitive Nature
  Case #55 - Golden Years - March 2009  

Golden Years Badge
Bad Habits
Fishing Expedition
Variety is the Spice
Nest Egg
Trojans Bearing Gifts?
  Case #56 - Something Rotten - April 2009  

Something Rotten Badge
Family Time
King of the Road
Big Shoes to Fill
Too Many Treats
A Manly Conflict
  Case #57 - Wither Art Thou? - May 2009  

Wither Art Thou Badge
Life of the Party
Puppy Love
  Case #58 - The Imperfect Storm - June 2009  

The Imperfect Storm Badge
Ship Shape
Tempest in a Teapot
Flotsam & Jetsam
Untangling the Knot
  Case #59 - The Scottish Case - July 2009  

The Scottish Case Badge
A Thorny Problem
Blushing Ingenue
All Dressed Up
A Sneeze By Any Other Name
Turn Out the Lights
  Case #60 - Case of Colliding Cases - August 2009  

Case of Colliding Cases Badge
Eye on the Prize
When the Cat's Away
Shell Game
Casting a Wider Net
Lost Childhood
  Case #61 - Rabbit Hunt - September 2009  

Rabbit Hunt Badge
Run Rabbit
Fuel for the Fire
Crushed Hopes
A Prickly Situation
The Missing Piece
  Case #62 - Old Debts - October 2009  

Old Debts Badge
Black Widow
Dead Ends
What's Your Frequency
Broken Chain
Battling the Dragon
  Case #63 - Ultimate Mystery - November 2009  

Ultimate Mystery Badge
Relationship Currency
Cause for Alarm?
Key To it All
Tied Up In Knots
  Case #64 - An Old Nemesis - December 2009  

An Old Nemesis Badge
Faulty Communication
A Bitter Pill
Is This Thing On?
Buddy, Spare a Dime?
Slippery Path
  Case #65 - Old Flames & New Fears - January 2010  

Old Flames & New Fears Badge
A Perfect Match
That Old Saw
Walking on Broken Glass
Leak A Beacon
It's About Trust
  Case #66 - The Prickly Perp - February 2010  

The Prickly Perp Badge
Probing the Issue
Prickly Personality
Defensive Reaction
Dangers in the Desert
A Mindful Poke
  Case #67 - The Reliable Runaway - March 2010  

The Reliable Runaway Badge
Tightly Wound
A Regular Guy
A Certain Future
On a Time Table
The Tortoise By a Hair
  Case #68 - The Willapa Wascals - April 2010  

The Willapa Wascals Badge
Carving out a Niche
Ranged Rover
Pail of Another Color
Toothy Trouble
Like Buttah
  Case #69 - Blue Skies - May 2010  

Blue Skies Badge
April Showers
A Promise
Bluebird of Happiness
Greener Pastures
May Flowers
  Case #70 - My Way - Final  

My Way Badge
Longing to See Her
No One is Watching
Mistaken Identity
Solo Performance
Final Curtain

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