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Have you ever seen all those advertisements in the Pogo Lobbies?  Well, now here is a list of the PogoAddiction Featured Leagues.  In order for a league to become a PogoAddiction Featured League, it must have over 100 ACTIVE members at the time of inception.  This shows establishment and that members are generally satisfied with the league in day to day activities.  The leagues are in Alphabetical Order by the game they host.  Multi-gaming leagues will fall under M for Multi-Gaming as opposed to being singled to a single game.  Interested in being a featured league.  Get details here.

Pogo and MyLeague Places of Interest:

Check them out!  Make a Request!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy!
(More Coming Soon)

The PogoAddiction Featured Leagues:

Multi-Gaming House of Many Games

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