[April 21, 2010, 05:23:48 AM]
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[Wed 05:16] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Tue 23:31] <BelleFromGa> thanks y'all for the welcome back, i sure did miss everyone.  got my badges, woo-hoo  Oh yea!  i'll talk to y'all tomorrow got to get to bed, sweet dreams and God bless!  nitey nite!   Off to Bed
[Tue 22:00] <FLCruise7Reminder! Captions are due in by noon tomorrow for the weekly Caption Contest!!  Stop by & check it out!
[Tue 21:31] <nanharley8068> sorry all too tied  too okah
[Tue 21:27] <angel> heck pop, if you do laundry I'll marry ya  Too Funny
[Tue 21:20] <nanharley8068> heloo all can;tchat in room
[Tue 21:12] <Poppet121> anyone wanna adopt a brit so she can get the gems for the pogo survey? lol   Roll Eyes
[Tue 19:28] <Jguy1964For those who did the scavenger hunt this week - please contact me via PM on which mini item you want!
[Tue 19:10] <LisaMarie> Welcome Back Belle!  Oh yea!
[Tue 18:50] <FLCruise7> nice to see you belle - was wondering where you'd been
[Tue 18:50] <Lguy1967> hi nan and welcome back belle
[Tue 18:24] <nanharley8068> welcome back belle
[Tue 18:24] <nanharley8068> hello all
[Tue 18:09] <BelleFromGa> Hey y'all!!!  I'm back!  I have been without internet for over a week and was losing what mind i had left, lol!  I have missed y'all!  I am going to try to get my pogo badges right quick, so i will see y'all later tonight or tomorrow!  Hope all is well with everyone!   Hearts
[Tue 15:44] <paintnut2> Remember to send in your Tourney Ticket for tonight's tourney in Blackjack Carnival
[Tue 13:44] <GBSfan278> lol Keith, I like that analogy (a lot)
[Tue 12:05] <oldblue153April 2010…Quickfire #17 is now posted, best of luck all.
[Tue 08:28] <SusyQ151> see you all later
[Tue 07:25] <Keith> i think pogo is trying to counter the scam offers by doing their own gem offers
[Tue 07:25] <Keith> daily answers are up
[Tue 07:10] <jigglepig> has anyone bought extra episodes of cluedo? I really don't think it is worth it, myself...it is very similar to a bunch of other hidden object games I have played...nothing really special about it...unless i'm missing something!
[Tue 07:08] <jigglepig> ok i found it - only works for residents of us and canada
[Tue 07:06] <jigglepig> what is the link sus
[Tue 06:46] <FLCruise7Don't forget to get those captions in by noon tomorrow!!
[Tue 06:39] <SusyQ151> that link for free Pogo gems worked for me.  took a survey and was awarded 15 gems.  it also has offers you can complete for free gems too
[Tue 06:39] <SusyQ151> Good morning Lisa  Kiss
[Tue 06:14] <Lguy1967> morning everyone  Kiss
[Tue 05:28] <Keith> I better get back to bed, should be back in a bit
[Tue 05:26] <Keith> There's a spot in pogo news to earn free pogo gems, but its not working yet. looks like a survey link
[Tue 05:24] <Keith> hope its something good, will play it later
[Tue 05:24] <jigglepig> agent jigglepig is stuck  Grin
[Tue 04:29] <jigglepig> we call it cluedo, as does the UK pogo site - but yes, it is  Smiley
[Tue 04:19] <Steam957> Good morning...Clue is up!!!
[Tue 04:12] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Mon 22:19] <MzPittman> Good Night Eve1
[Mon 21:42] <oldblue153> hi dragon
[Mon 21:15] <dragnfyre696> hi blue
[Mon 21:01] <oldblue153April 2010…Quickfire #16 is now posted, best of luck all.
[Mon 20:11] <dragnfyre696> at the very least is about a 1/4 of the distance i have to drive now which will be a big help
[Mon 20:11] <dragnfyre696> thank you Smiley i have fingers & toes crossed
[Mon 20:00] <Lguy1967> I hope you get it. I will keep my fingers crossed for ya.
[Mon 19:59] <dragnfyre696> but i had an interview today & hopefully if i get it i will have more free time & a lot less stress
[Mon 19:58] <dragnfyre696> overworked
[Mon 19:56] <Lguy1967> im good....how have you been?
[Mon 19:53] <dragnfyre696> how have you been lisa
[Mon 19:42] <Lguy1967> hi dragn  Smiley
[Mon 19:38] <dragnfyre696> hi everyone  Smiley hope you all have been doing good Hearts
[Mon 19:37] <dragnfyre696> could somebody pleeeease stop the bus, i wanna get off Cry
[Mon 15:12] <Lguy1967New 5,000 tokens link added in the Free token thread!
[Mon 12:53] <Jguy1964> its ok Flaricka  Evil
[Mon 08:22] <angel> drag cars are also known as 'funny cars' Fl  Wink
[Mon 08:22] <angel> good  morning  Hearts
[Mon 08:12] <Flaricka> Sorry, Jeff.  I guess I just don't see what's so funny about drag racing cars.   Huh
[Mon 07:16] <Keith> mornin all ~ answers are up
[Mon 07:08] <jigglepig> oh but i loved that shoe car  Smiley
[Mon 07:07] <Jguy1964> Reminder - I asked for a picture of a funny car (from  drag racing) in the hunt - not a funny looking car Wink
[Mon 05:30] <Lguy1967> morning Susy and everyone  Hearts
[Mon 05:21] <SusyQ151> see you all later
[Mon 03:47] <SusyQ151> Good morning eveyrone
[Sun 19:30] <Poppet121> coooooeyyyyyy me lil luff!   Wink
[Sun 19:25] <Lguy1967> Elloooooooooo Poppet
[Sun 19:04] <Poppet121> Booo! guess Who ?  Smiley soooo...whats happenin? everyone ok?   Smiley
[Sun 18:34] <FLCruise7> just goes to show - ya never know!   Too Funny
[Sun 18:23] <Flaricka> Im so glad you didn't FLC, you gave us the winning Genie  Oh yea!
[Sun 17:37] <FLCruise7> And I almost switched over to the ducks 'cause the genies just weren't showing up!   Grin
[Sun 17:13] <jigglepig> Ooh, loved that secret team aspect of the quickfire - wtg team genie  Oh yea!
[Sun 15:46] <jm10612> ty blue for ur help
[Sun 15:46] <jm10612> cya all later, time for my nap  Wink
[Sun 15:43] <oldblue153> you did great Smiley sit back n relax
[Sun 15:42] <oldblue153> if you post it jm you will lose your other two
[Sun 15:40] <jm10612> ok i do have one more but if u say so
[Sun 15:39] <oldblue153> since you already have more than 1 another post wont benefit you Smiley
[Sun 15:38] <oldblue153> JM do not post any more
[Sun 15:34] <jm10612> blue are we able to post until the thread is locked... a bit confused about the time
[Sun 14:35] <oldblue153April 2010…Quickfire #15 is now posted, be sure to read the instructions carefully, best of luck all.
[Sun 11:17] <FLCruise7New Caption Contest has been posted
[Sun 11:07] <FLCruise7> Well Goldie - you know how FL weather is - wait a few min & it will change  Grin
[Sun 11:05] <agoldencomet>  Forecast Raining in florida  Embarassed Just when I need to pack the car LOL
[Sun 08:23] <Lguy1967 everyone
[Sun 08:15] <SusyQ151> See you all later.  Have a great Sunday
[Sun 08:08] <evilmojo>  Morning Grouch
[Sun 07:59] <Keith> mornin all ... daily answers are up
[Sun 06:50] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Sat 23:46] <oldblue153> Check the quirky forum boards Comet
[Sat 22:28] <agoldencomet> Can anyone tell me where to find the winners of the Caption Contest (apr 11)??  Thanks!
[Sat 20:00] <oldblue153April 2010…Quickfire #14 is now posted, best of luck all.
[Sat 18:55] <FreddieB> 8pm Mahjong Safari social is in 20's (not 30's), Squirrels & Chipmunks Room - see you there
[Sat 15:50] <agoldencomet> I have a terrible time beating the bots and then only get 25 or 30 spins  HAHAHA
[Sat 15:22] <FLCruise7> Thanks for changing that pool badge Little - my spins were looking pretty pathetic   Grin
[Sat 15:03] <agoldencomet> i found the green did not catch my attention like the red did
[Sat 14:57] <jigglepig> i  liked the green but if you went in private chat it was green on green background...hard to see
[Sat 14:21] <agoldencomet> WTG - Pogo is getting smart  Roll Eyes E1 hated the green
[Sat 11:33] <FLCruise7> Pogo just put up a poll for people to vote on the color chat they want for their friends - be sure to vote!
[Sat 08:29] <FLCruise7> Oh - that's good to hear - i think my big spin so far has been 80  LOL
[Sat 08:16] <oldblue153> ty so much Jguy..only managed one in near 200 tries
[Sat 08:08] <Jguy1964> Little will be changing the spin value, probably to 50 so you all will be fine.  Tongue
[Sat 07:40] <jigglepig> i give up for now...at least I have pruned some people off my list who I haven't seen for over a year lol
[Sat 07:37] <jigglepig> are you still playing tho flc? i haven't tried to go back in a room yet
[Sat 07:34] <Keith> daily answers now up
[Sat 07:34] <FLCruise7> mine too jig
[Sat 07:34] <Keith> hi all good morning
[Sat 07:32] <jigglepig> pogo seems to have gone weird - half my friends list is missing...
[Sat 07:22] <Lguy1967 everyone
[Sat 06:23] <SusyQ151> See you all later.  Lots of work to do today.   Evil
[Sat 06:21] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Sat 00:17] <oldblue153> well thats 0/100...if ya have a tip on how to get those Jeff please pass it along lol
[Fri 22:38] <oldblue153> no there was no QF today comet
[Fri 22:38] <oldblue153> not having a lot of luck either FLC
[Fri 22:19] <agoldencomet> No quickfire on Friday?
[Fri 21:01] <Jguy1964> I've gotten 1000 spins in pool lots of times and lots over 250
[Fri 20:58] <FLCruise7> Just a general question - has anyone ever seen a 250 spin in pool?  I'm not sure that I ever have  Cheesy
[Fri 20:02] <nanharley8068> ty
[Fri 20:02] <nanharley8068> ty lisa and jeff for a bfun night
[Fri 20:00] <Lguy1967> nan, I got your score in Tri-Peaks
[Fri 19:59] <nanharley8068> 644
[Fri 19:26] <Lguy1967> ok nan
[Fri 19:05] <nanharley8068> i cana't chat again
[Fri 18:26] <nanharley8068> lisa can't chat
[Fri 18:23] <nanharley8068> 34 hearts for me someone let jeff kinow please
[Fri 18:22] <nanharley8068> taken ss of my stats
[Fri 18:19] <nanharley8068> anybody out5 there\
[Fri 17:59] <nanharley8068> someone let jeff know that i can't chat but i  can see it
[Fri 17:58] <nanharley8068> help someone please
[Fri 17:56] <nanharley8068> please
[Fri 17:56] <nanharley8068> can someone tell jeffie
[Fri 17:55] <nanharley8068> i can't chaat in room causxe my chat box is hidden
[Fri 17:55] <nanharley8068> hey all
[Fri 17:07] <FLCruise7> Be sure & note your Pogo name if it's different than your PA name so they'll know it's you playing  Smiley
[Fri 17:06] <FLCruise7> Just put your name & the games you'll be playing in the thread
[Fri 17:06] <FLCruise7> 7 oclock for game night goldie - good luck!
[Fri 16:48] <agoldencomet> 2 questions re game night:  how do I register(ticket has been sent) and what time does the first game start - really 7 EST?? we are using EDT now?
[Fri 11:40] <dee255800> ty ev 1 have a good day
[Fri 11:32] <oldblue153> I have nothing in my mail box from pogo ( except for the new scrabble game) here. if it was me I would err on the side of caution...pogo dont give out free gems often n when they do PA is buzzing about it
[Fri 11:30] <SusyQ151> Its definitely a scam.  
[Fri 11:21] <dee255800> when i get this it say to sign up for free games on game house  free credit or coffee
[Fri 11:19] <dee255800> it says it from pogo but im not sure
[Fri 11:16] <oldblue153> did pogo send you this notice dee?....if not then i'de certainly be wary of this offer
[Fri 11:10] <dee255800> good morning ev1 is any one getting e-mails on free pogo gem if they sign up for free games and another items is it a scam or what please let me know
[Fri 11:06] <oldblue153> gm lisa
[Fri 10:44] <Lguy1967> mornin' olivia, keith, nan and MzPitt
[Fri 10:27] <MzPittman> Good Morning Nan Shocked
[Fri 10:20] <nanharley8068> gm all
[Fri 07:18] <Keith> answers are up
[Fri 07:18] <Keith> hey all gm
[Fri 07:09] <olivia> Game Nite Puzzle has been posted   Wink  GL!
[Fri 06:37] <Lguy1967Tonight is PA Game Night....Don't forget to sign up if you would like to particpate!
[Fri 06:23] <SusyQ151> Good morning Lisa  Kiss
[Fri 05:40] <Lguy1967> morning everyone
[Fri 05:40] <Lguy1967> morning Susy  Kiss
[Fri 03:45] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Thu 22:14] <jm10612> ss comet, i miss them too.  Undecided
[Thu 21:13] <agoldencomet> I check in often but always miss the Quickfire Cry
[Thu 18:25] <oldblue153> just need a minimum of 10
[Thu 18:25] <oldblue153> for totals play as many as you wish
[Thu 18:23] <musiclovingmiss> Blue are we playing one game, or as many games as we can?
[Thu 18:00] <oldblue153April 2010…Quickfire #13 is now posted, best of luck all.
[Thu 16:45] <agoldencomet> FL - I am a snowbird - Ft Myers Beach - leaving soon to return to Nova Scotia for the summer Hearts
[Thu 16:43] <FLCruise7Voting will be open for a little more than 1 more hour for this week's Caption Contest.  Last chance to vote for your favorite!
[Thu 07:38] <Keith> answers are up
[Thu 07:38] <Keith> mornin everyone
[Thu 07:29] <Lguy1967> gm blue
[Thu 07:14] <oldblue153> Morning all
[Thu 06:46] <Lguy1967It's Casino Night on Pogo.....Don't forget to collect your tokens!
[Thu 06:27] <SusyQ151> Good morning Lisa  Kiss
[Thu 06:11] <Lguy1967PA Game Night is April 16th....don't forget to sign up if you would like to participate!!!
[Thu 06:10] <Lguy1967> morning everyone
[Thu 06:10] <Lguy1967> morning Susy  Kiss
[Thu 05:43] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Wed 22:12] <MzPittman> Good Night Eve1 Off to Bed
[Wed 18:54] <FreddieB> EWB 8pm social is in Speedy/5Card/Members/TMR 6794 - see you there for lots of fun
[Wed 18:52] <PogoAddictLady>  Thumbs Up
[Wed 18:49] <FLCruise7> Goldie - I didn't realize you were in Florida also!
[Wed 18:01] <FLCruise7Voting is now open for this week's Caption Contest.  Pop on in & vote for your favorites!
[Wed 17:25] <five4fighting> Have Ghost Hunters on now- still an amazing experiance getting a shot at trying out for the Ghost Hunters Academy
[Wed 16:34] <oldblue153April 2010…Quickfire #12 is now posted, best of luck all.
[Wed 16:15] <Lguy1967> I was thinking the same thing, Keith
[Wed 15:13] <Keith> thanks Lisa. dont seem to be that many token offers as of late
[Wed 14:06] <Lguy1967New 5,000 token link added to the Free Token thread!!
[Wed 11:45] <Lguy1967> gm comet
[Wed 11:15] <FreddieB> hi goldie, lucky you - have fun if you are on vacation
[Wed 10:27] <agoldencomet> Good morning to all from Florida!  Tanning
[Wed 09:56] <SusyQ151> Good morning Oldblue, FLC, Keith and nan
[Wed 09:56] <SusyQ151> Good morning Lisa  Kiss
[Wed 09:50] <nanharley8068> how come everybody is leaving the room
[Wed 09:23] <Lguy1967> gm nan
[Wed 08:57] <nanharley8068> gm keith, flc, blue and lisa
[Wed 07:54] <Lguy1967> gm blue, FLC and Keith
[Wed 07:36] <Keith> answers are up in time for the new badges
[Wed 07:35] <Keith> gm everyone, happy hump day
[Wed 06:53] <FLCruise7Don't forget to get those captions in by noon today!!
[Wed 06:14] <oldblue153> gm Lisa
[Wed 05:35] <Lguy1967> mornin' everyone
[Wed 05:35] <Lguy1967> morning Susy  Kiss
[Wed 03:49] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Tue 22:07] <MzPittman> Good Night Eve1  Nite - Nite
[Tue 21:04] <oldblue153April 2010…Quickfire #11 is now posted, best of luck all.
[Tue 20:49] <FreddieB> Mono Slots social will be in 20's / Members / TMR 1100, see you there!
[Tue 18:54] <FLCruise7https://pogoaddiction.com/pogoaddictionforum/index.php/topic,17875.0.html
[Tue 18:54] <FLCruise7Reminder! Captions are due in by noon tomorrow for the weekly Caption Contest!!  Stop by & check it out!
[Tue 18:35] <Lguy1967> hi nan