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[Tue 09:06] <kikihellman> perhaps i am--thank you for reminding me
[Tue 09:05] <Kenny> Got a feeling you are lucky at lots in life
[Tue 09:04] <kikihellman> i might as well be lucky in SOMETHING   Grin
[Tue 09:03] <kikihellman> like i said, you just have to be lucky
[Tue 09:03] <kikihellman> it was a lot of fun, too
[Tue 09:02] <Kenny> You are unbelievable.  Hearts
[Tue 08:48] <kikihellman> man, that was wild
[Tue 08:36] <Kenny> I spent over 20 hours and got three Shocked
[Tue 08:35] <dragnfyre696> good morning all
[Tue 08:32] <kikihellman> mostly just lucky    Grin
[Tue 08:32] <kikihellman> shortly will be 2
[Tue 08:28] <Kenny> OMG you are amazing
[Tue 08:27] <kikihellman> 1 and counting     Thumbs Up
[Tue 08:27] <kikihellman> gotcha kenny
[Tue 08:25] <BelleFromGa> Mornin' Y'all ~ Thanks Keith!!!!!
[Tue 08:22] <Kenny> gm cherry
[Tue 08:22] <SusyQ151> See you all later at the hangings.
[Tue 08:22] <cherrylea> gm penn, kiki, cheeky and kenny
[Tue 08:20] <Kenny> GM Kiki....I am off
[Tue 08:11] <TheCheekyy1> good morning all   Hearts
[Tue 07:43] <kikihellman> gmorning PAples
[Tue 07:18] <penningc> Good Morning Everyone
[Tue 07:10] <cherrylea> tyvm keith Kiss
[Tue 07:10] <cherrylea> good morning everyone  Hearts
[Tue 07:09] <Keith> good morning all, TP answers up
[Tue 06:48] <Jguy1964> morning peeps Cheesy
[Tue 05:02] <badrn> gm Lisa, Susy and evil Kiss
[Tue 04:57] <SusyQ151> Good morning Evil
[Tue 04:57] <SusyQ151> Good morning Lisa  Kiss
[Tue 04:55] <evilmojo> think they forgot to release boggle
[Tue 04:37] <Lguy1967> mornin' brig and Susy  Kiss
[Tue 04:34] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Tue 04:34] <SusyQ151> Good morning Brigid  Hearts
[Tue 03:35] <badrn> morning all
[Mon 19:37] <Lguy1967 everyone
[Mon 18:47] <Lguy1967> Are you talking about the ones that are listed on the homepage?
[Mon 18:41] <deeamendog> how can u print the badge challanges for the upcoming weeks
[Mon 17:15] <Lguy1967CANDY NAMES are now added in the orginal BDAY thread, for those interested.
[Mon 16:14] <kikihellman> ty piglet--hunt winners, don't forget to get back to me regarding your prizes!
[Mon 13:24] <piglet4470> ty to all staff for awesome pa bday contests&all your great work  Hearts
[Mon 11:53] <SusyQ151> I look forward to seeing the names of the candy from your contest Lisa
[Mon 11:52] <SusyQ151> Good afternoon everyone
[Mon 11:06] <GBSfan278> Congratulations to every winner in the PA B-day challenges!! Way to go!! :ohyeah:
[Mon 10:52] <gizdor> thanks Lisa     Hearts
[Mon 10:46] <Lguy1967For those of you who want to know the names of the candy for my PA Bday contest, I will post them when I get home from work  Smiley
[Mon 09:02] <Jguy1964Reminder - Quickie Contest ends tonite at 6pm.
[Mon 08:55] <kikihellman  PA Birthday Winners Announced!!  Check the Birthday Thread for more info!                  
[Mon 08:09] <kikihellman> thank keith
[Mon 08:03] <Keith> trivia is up, good morning Paples
[Mon 07:55] <Lguy1967> gm Cheeky and dragn
[Mon 07:54] <georgnkaren> Welcome home Cheeky & Hiya Dragn  Hearts
[Mon 07:25] <dragnfyre696> good morning everyone
[Mon 07:12] <TheCheekyy1> had a great weekend  at my sisters  for my neices  1st  bday   so sweet  --but also glad to be home  now  Too Funny
[Mon 07:11] <TheCheekyy1> good morning all   Hearts
[Mon 06:44] <Lguy1967> gm Giz and Geo
[Mon 06:33] <SusyQ151> see you all later
[Mon 06:33] <SusyQ151> Good morning Dodo and Georg  Hearts
[Mon 06:08] <georgnkaren> Good morning Margy, Brigid, Susy, Lisa, Dodo & all  Hearts Evil
[Mon 05:42] <gizdor> good morning brig, Lisa and Susy     Hearts      good morning PAples      Hearts
[Mon 04:43] <badrn> good morning Lisa and Susy Hearts
[Mon 04:42] <SusyQ151> Good morning Lisa  Hearts
[Mon 04:33] <Lguy1967> good morning brig and Susy  Hearts
[Mon 04:30] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Mon 04:30] <SusyQ151> Good morning Brigid  Hearts
[Mon 04:29] <badrn> morning all
[Mon 01:29] <iwantmyduchovny>  Nurse Jackie, Weeds tonight on Showtime.  The Closer on TNT...........
[Sun 19:26] <Lguy1967> Coooey Poppet
[Sun 19:08] <Poppet121> ello peeples  Smiley
[Sun 18:17] <piglet4470>  Shocked Shocked Shocked
[Sun 18:00] <Lguy1967> hi GBS and Kiwi Hearts
[Sun 17:54] <Kiwiangel> Good evening Lisa  Hearts
[Sun 17:18] <GBSfan278> evening Lisa! Smiley
[Sun 17:12] <Lguy1967> evening everyone
[Sun 15:53] <KiwiangelKiss Jeff
[Sun 15:53] <jigglepig> oh hey gbs no worries lol, i finished mine too and headed out! ty for the company  Hearts
[Sun 15:46] <evilmojo> that was not the ending i was hopeing for in word whomp underground
[Sun 15:42] <GBSfan278> sorry i vanished earlier jig... net died :\
[Sun 15:38] <Jguy1964>  kiwi Kiss
[Sun 15:19] <Kiwiangel>  Grin Afternoon my friends
[Sun 15:19] <Kiwiangel> where o where have all the PAples gone?
[Sun 09:38] <Jrfan89p> thanks Keith
[Sun 08:44] <Lguy1967> see ya Susy
[Sun 08:28] <SusyQ151> see you all later
[Sun 07:56] <Lguy1967> Gm Kiki  Hearts
[Sun 07:56] <Lguy1967> ty keith
[Sun 07:56] <Lguy1967> gm Jrfan and ky
[Sun 07:55] <Lguy1967> Whoa Evil
[Sun 07:54] <kikihellman> thank keith and gmorning PAples
[Sun 07:52] <Keith> TP answers up, good morning PAples
[Sun 07:36] <Jguy1964> geesh just what I want to wake up to Shocked
[Sun 06:56] <kyhillbillygirl67> good mornin everyone Hearts
[Sun 06:31] <Jrfan89p> good morning everyone Thumbs Up
[Sun 06:30] <evilmojo>  Moon
[Sun 06:29] <Lguy1967> good morning Susy  Kiss
[Sun 06:14] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Sun 06:14] <SusyQ151> Good morning Lisa
[Sun 06:09] <Lguy1967 everyone
[Sun 04:28] <SusyQ151> Good morning Georg  Hearts
[Sun 04:08] <georgnkaren> Good morning Susy & amyother early risers have a gr8 day  Hearts
[Sat 23:58] <GBSfan278Nite - Nite
[Sat 21:06] <Poppet121> im off too ...pooters playin up again ....night all x
[Sat 21:06] <Poppet121> nite lisa
[Sat 20:54] <Lguy1967 everyone
[Sat 20:35] <Poppet121> Ellooooooooooo Lisa ! Smiley
[Sat 20:22] <Lguy1967> Ellooooooooo Poppet
[Sat 20:02] <Poppet121>  Huh
[Sat 14:05] <Lguy1967> afternoon everyone  Hearts
[Sat 12:09] <bttrfly2268> afternoon everyone Kiss
[Sat 09:06] <kyhillbillygirl67> good morning PAples Coffee
[Sat 08:48] <Lguy1967> gm Keith and Kiki
[Sat 08:33] <SusyQ151> see you all later
[Sat 08:00] <kikihellman> gmonring PAples and thank you keith
[Sat 07:58] <Keith> trivia is up, good morining Paples  Hearts
[Sat 07:04] <Lguy1967 everyone
[Sat 06:33] <SusyQ151  everyone
[Sat 06:19] <Jguy1964> gm ev1
[Fri 22:57] <anastazya1>  Hearts
[Fri 22:00] <MJClark5> sorry I missed you Sac and Kiwi, hagn and I'll see you again soon  Hearts
[Fri 19:23] <angel> sorry jig, yes I did, there are walkthrus for it too...I like the villagers much better tho lol
[Fri 19:11] <cherrylea> Thank you so much Kiki for the awesome treasure hunt treat!  Kiss
[Fri 18:30] <Lguy1967 everyone
[Fri 17:05] <iwantmyduchovny> very cool, thank you kiki Hearts
[Fri 16:40] <jigglepig> did you like it angel?
[Fri 15:08] <SusyQ151> See you all later
[Fri 14:24] <angel> jig I played willows myself last month I think
[Fri 13:52] <piglet4470> ok to met son in couple minutes.wont be on much this weekend as its his weekend home so behave&gla
[Fri 13:03] <Flaricka> It's all good, Little  Wink  I need a little decompression time after all the frenzy.
[Fri 12:37] <jigglepig> So sorry it's gone wrong Little and I didn't mean it as a criticism, I kind of wanted to play my silly new game lol I was glad  Wink
[Fri 12:32] <paintnut2> no problem Little - we had fun trying to guess what you might have in store for us during the social.   Undecided
[Fri 12:11] <piglet4470> fine ill go my dishes  Undecided
[Fri 12:09] <kikihellman> in the gallery   https://pogoaddiction.com/pogoaddictionforum/index.php?action=gallery;cat=29
[Fri 12:09] <kikihellman> well, to tide you over till sunday, there's a little something for everyone who participated in the hunt
[Fri 11:57] <LittleOne>  Sad
[Fri 11:54] <piglet4470>  stunned waiting 2 more days for treasure hunter standings  Shocked
[Fri 11:38] <LittleOne> man ya'll im so sorry.  IDK what is up with this thing.  It just keeps messing up.  Its deleted all the future challenges again.  I'll have to readd this weeks when I get home this after noon.  So sry about that Sad
[Fri 11:04] <jigglepig> well i see we don't know what the challenges are so i'm going back to the weird world of wandering willows lol  Cool
[Fri 11:03] <jigglepig> lol dragn i don't think we have those here, i just had some plain sugared ring ones and one with jam!  Smiley welcome dreamlady
[Fri 10:59] <kikihellman> we have many lovely members from your corner of the world   Smiley
[Fri 10:59] <kikihellman> welcome dreamlady!
[Fri 10:52] <dreamlady6106> hi every one good luck world from australia  im dreamlady6106 g l all
[Fri 10:46] <dragnfyre696> hi lisa
[Fri 10:46] <dragnfyre696> hey jig i wouldn't mind a chocolate creme stick & 1 with a chocolate cream filling Hearts
[Fri 10:40] <Lguy1967> afternoonish everyone  Hearts
[Fri 10:14] <jigglepig> okies all i'm off to the bakery I hope y'all placed your orders  Evil
[Fri 10:05] <cherrylea> i'll have to look into it jig ty
[Fri 10:04] <jigglepig> And you get recipes and have to find the ingredients, and you have to help out various people and then you get rewards for quests. LOL
[Fri 10:03] <jigglepig> Oh cherry, the game is...well, it's like a kooky adventure game it doesn't easily fit into the normal casual games categories. You have this pet to train and it gets things out of trees and digs things up for you and charms other creatures lol
[Fri 10:02] <jigglepig> Ty Kiki I saw Little's post but...Sunday is soon?  Grin It's ages away lol. I suppose I'll have to get some extra donuts to cheer myself up  Wink
[Fri 10:00] <jigglepig> hehe - ok then i am going out! I'll be back about half way through the social or so lol, with a bag of donuts! Just what i fancy  Cheesy
[Fri 10:00] <kikihellman> it'll come soon, though
[Fri 10:00] <kikihellman> we've had a delay in the birthday winners announcement   Cry
[Fri 09:58] <cherrylea> jig, dragn mentioned that it's national doughnut day so indulge away  Wink
[Fri 09:57] <cherrylea> what kind of game is it? hidden object, match 3, time management?
[Fri 09:55] <jigglepig> Oh yes everyone, I'll shut up after this, but I am playing the kookiest game called 'Wandering Willows' I love it! Check out the free demo I think it will be on a number of sites.
[Fri 09:53] <jigglepig> Cherry is it really donut day? If so I had better pop down the bakery sharpish lol, wouldn't want to let the side down...
[Fri 09:53] <jigglepig> Lol is it just me or are any other treasure hunters somewhat dying to find out the results?!  HAHAHA
[Fri 09:30] <cherrylea> it must be some ingrained thing from our early childhood because even when i was working weekends Friday just was a good day, lol
[Fri 09:24] <kikihellman> even when i'm not working or not in school
[Fri 09:23] <kikihellman> i love friday, it's my favorite day of the week
[Fri 08:38] <cherrylea> hagm susy, gl2u2
[Fri 08:32] <SusyQ151> gl with your PA badges and Happy Friday!
[Fri 08:32] <SusyQ151> see you all later
[Fri 08:08] <Jguy1964 It's Friday!
[Fri 07:45] <cherrylea> and in honor of doghnut day.....
[Fri 07:45] <cherrylea> gm dragn and keith, tyvm for trivia
[Fri 07:44] <Lguy1967> gm Keith, dragn and ky
[Fri 07:42] <Keith> TP answers up, gm all
[Fri 07:41] <dragnfyre696> happy friday Oh yea! and national doughnut day Hearts
[Fri 07:40] <dragnfyre696> good morning everyone
[Fri 07:34] <cherrylea> gm ky
[Fri 07:34] <cherrylea> lol kiki, little cat food pads are colder than a husbands toes when they come to bed after their midnight snack
[Fri 07:30] <kyhillbillygirl67> good morning cherry, susy, kiki and lisa Hearts
[Fri 07:28] <SusyQ151> Sabi seems to have no problems in the sleep department either.
[Fri 07:27] <SusyQ151>  Grin Cherry and Kiki
[Fri 07:12] <kikihellman> truth is, they only "love" us when they're cold and want to suck out all our body heat    Grin
[Fri 07:12] <kikihellman> all winter long, i thought they loved us, curled up around our legs all night
[Fri 07:11] <kikihellman> i woke up with a cat AS a blanket
[Fri 07:05] <cherrylea> susy, it's something my cats seem to do for hours at a time, many times a day  Too Funny
[Fri 07:05] <cherrylea> gm kiki, you need an extra blankie?
[Fri 07:04] <SusyQ151> Sleep  Huh whats that?
[Fri 07:04] <SusyQ151> Good morning Piglet, Dodo, Jig, Cherry and Kiki
[Fri 07:04] <Lguy1967> gm Cherry and Kiki
[Fri 07:03] <kikihellman> gmorning chillens, and i DO mean CHILLens
[Fri 06:55] <cherrylea> GM susy, piglet, jig and giz  Hearts (first day of summer holidays and can i sleep in? NOOOOO, figures, lol)
[Fri 06:38] <Lguy1967> Gm Susy, piglet, giz and jig
[Fri 06:32] <jigglepig> morning e1 Hearts
[Fri 06:04] <gizdor> good morning everyone  
[Fri 05:21] <piglet4470> good morning lisa&susy
[Fri 04:40] <SusyQ151> Good morning everyone
[Fri 04:40] <SusyQ151> Good morning Lisa  Kiss
[Fri 04:16] <Lguy1967> Good Morning Everyone  Hearts
[Fri 00:00] <MJRnMCV> never mind
[Thu 23:56] <MJRnMCV> is any1 having probs. with pogo?
[Thu 22:06] <piglet4470> night all
[Thu 22:00] <anastazya1peek
[Thu 20:10] <Kiwiangel> gn Jeff Kiss
[Thu 20:07] <Jguy1964> hagn ev1 Off to Bed
[Thu 19:34] <Poppet121> grrrr moved onto big poota and its throwin a tantrum Ticked Off
[Thu 19:15] <Poppet121> Lisa U got mail  x
[Thu 19:15] <Poppet121> Ello all x