Interested in being a featured league?

You MUST have 100 active members to be on the featured leagues page. 

All that I require is that on of the logos (found at the bottom of this page) be place on a visible spot on your main page: You may hotlink any of the logos found on this page, so that you do not need to upload it to your own space as I know you are limited on it.  Once you have added that logo, hyperlink it to, so that when the logo is clicked my main page opens.  You may advertise it however you want.  For example, "For Pogo Related Information" or "Featured League of PogoAddiction" or any other way that you want to do.  It is entirely up to you.

Once you have added my logo and hyperlinked it I will need to receive the following information from you:

1) The game you participate in (if multiple gaming league simply answer with "Multi")
2) Your league name as it should appear (capitals, underscores, symbols, ect) I will create the logo for the featured leagues page for your league, so no need to send me anything
3) Your EXACT league URL
4) Contact email, it is advisable that it be that of the head admin.

If you are not the head admin of the league and are interested in doing this for your league, it is advisable that you discuss this with your admin before adding my logo to your page. 

Please feel free to use any of the below images.  You may either right click them and host them on your own space host, or you can hotlink them directly from me.  Again the only requirement is that they are in a visible space.  There are several here, so you can rotate them to fit your pages, and so forth.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to email me at

Also, as a recommendation, to be a featured league of mine, 95% of the time requires me to contact you.  As you can see, I do not have many featured leagues.  You should wear this as a badge of honor.  Don't hesitate or feel your "over doing" anything by saying something to the effect that your are  "A Proud Featured League of" or something to that effect.  I see a few leagues already do that, and it represents the purpose of the featured leagues idea very well.



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