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Triple Bonus Tokens!!!
Posted on Mar 10 2011 by Staff

Today's featured games for Triple Bonus Tokens are:

First Class Solitare, MONOPOLY: Here & Now, and Poppit!

*3000 tokens per game

Coming Soon: 2011 Easter Limited Edition M&M Badge
Posted on Mar 09 2011 by Staff


Mahjong Safari
Send 40 gifts in 2 weeks!(Collect 10 mini-animals on the left side to send a gift)

Cost: 28 Gems

Weekly Challenges (Mar. 9 - Mar. 15)
Posted on Mar 09 2011 by Staff


Boardwalk Sea Ball - Sea Suspects Badge

Hit 300 squid this week! 


Poppit! - Homesick Badge 

Release 30 pretzel prizes this week! 



Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

PogoAddiction "HotShots" - Mar. 7
Posted on Mar 07 2011 by Staff
Coming Soon: Additional Personal Challenges for Gems
Posted on Mar 07 2011 by Staff

Rumor has it that Pogo will be offering additional Personal Challenges for gems!

Coming Soon: Clue Episode 25 - Raid on Khartoum
Posted on Mar 05 2011 by Staff

 Raid on Khartoum

The sinister Agent Black has set up headquarters in a hidden location, and you must track the clues across the globe from Jamaica to Indonesia, and root out C.L.U.E.'s latest nest of vipers.

Includes: Raid on Khartoum badge

Costs 20 gems for Club Members and 40 gems for Non-Club Members

Released: Intergalatic, Sci-Fi Mini's & Pets
Posted on Mar 03 2011 by Staff

UFO's, Space Aliens, Sci-Fi & Pets

March 3, 2011

With this release, you and your Mini are taking an adventure to another galaxy. Find some of our most "outta this world" items ever under Backgrounds. Enjoy some cute extra-terrestrials in Goodies, and suit up under Costumes.

Plus, we've got new Pets, and stuff for St. Patrick's Day & Mardi Gras.

Ryuu and Rya await - our three-piece Mini item under Backgrounds includes two dragons and another "outta this world" background.

Finally, there's Grenmaul the Gryphon,
Pet of the Month!

Triple Bonus Tokens!!!
Posted on Mar 03 2011 by Staff

Today's featured games for Triple Bonus Tokens are:

BOGGLE Bash, No-Limit Texas Hold'em and Phlinx

*3,000 tokens per game

Weekly Challenges (Mar. 2 - Mar. 8)
Posted on Mar 02 2011 by Staff


Aces Up! - Aiming for a Deck Badge

Get 30 Jackpot Spins this week! 


Word Whomp - Home Under the Range Badge 

Earn 3000 tokens playing Word Whomp this week! 



Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Released: St. Patrick's Day Limited Edition Badge
Posted on Mar 01 2011 by Staff


Make 30 Canasta in 2 weeks!

Cost: 28 Gems

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