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Weekly Challenges (Feb 10-16)
Posted on Feb 10 2010 by Staff


Sweet Tooth 2 - Holey Molar Badge 

Match 3000 pieces of candy this week!


Hog Heaven Slots - Wingin' It Badge

Collect 30 halos this week!

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Basketball Mini Items Now Available
Posted on Feb 09 2010 by Staff

Celebrate March Madness with Pogo's new basketball mini series!  This site of mini items will cost you more than the usual mini and they all cost gems so they will hit your pocket book a bit heavier.  From Pogo's Mini Release:

Basketball Fans - This One's for YOU -February 9, 2010
Pogo is incredibly excited to provide our players with Official NBA Mini items! Dress your Mini up with jerseys and shorts from your favorite team! Check out our Official NBA themed backgrounds!

We've been working with the NBA to bring you these fabulous items. Now you can celebrate your love of the game! Check out NBA Central in the Mini Mall!

Beta Testing Application
Posted on Feb 08 2010 by LittleOne

  A forum member wrote us this weekend to tell us that the Pogo Beta Application link was now active.  We have not seen anything from Pogo indicating that they were accepting applications but if you are interested in giving it a shot, you are more than welcome to.  If we find anything official from Pogo we will be sure to let you know.

Pogo Beta Application

Risk Game Rank Badges
Posted on Feb 06 2010 by LittleOne

Pogo has created the in-game rank badges for Risk, which is still currently in production.  The information and goals required for obtaining these badges are not yet available.  Be sure to check back soon though for futher details.

Update:  Indications are that Risk will have 50 ranks and that this badges will be earned for reaching ranks 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.

Flower Daze: How to Play
Posted on Feb 03 2010 by LittleOne

  The how to play file for Pogo Flower Daze has been posted and is now available for preview here on PogoAddiction.com.

Here is a little snippet of the How to Play:
"Flower Daze... it's not just a game, it's a psychedelic joy ride! In the tradition of Poppit and Pogo Addiction Solitaire, Flower Daze is a fast, addictive, light strategy game. The goal is simple; change different colored closed flowers into one color of opened flowers."

Preview the rest of the How To Play on Flower Daze by clicking the "Comment and More Information" link below.

Coming Soon: Mythic Menagerie Premium Album
Posted on Feb 03 2010 by LittleOne

We discovered a new Premium Badge album is currently in production.  The name of the album is "Mythic Menagerie" and will include 10 badge plus the album complete badge at a cost of $5.99. 

The games will include: Aces Up!, Harvest Mania, Jungle Gin, Mahjong Garden, Addiction Solitaire, Pogo Bowl, Puck's Peak, Squelchies, Sweet Tooth 2, and Word Search Daily.

A preview of the games and their challenges can be seen by clicking on the "Comment and More Information" link below.

UPDATE: The badges can now be previewed at the bottom of our Unreleased Badges page.

March 2010 Mix-And-Match Preview
Posted on Feb 03 2010 by LittleOne

In March, Pogo will bring us 12 new Mix-And-Match Challenges in a variety of games.

A preview of the games and challenges can be seen by clicking the "Comment and More Information" link below.Comment and More Information


Weekly Challenges (February 3 - 9)
Posted on Feb 03 2010 by Staff


Perfect Pair Solitare - Hearts on Fire Badge

Visit 7 ports this week!


Puck's Peak - Mountain Climbing Badge

Reach 30 checkpoints this week!

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges!

25% OFF Mix-And-Match Coupon Code
Posted on Feb 02 2010 by Staff

 According to members on our forum, using the code "VDAYGIFT25" when purchasing a Mix-And-Match badge as a gift for someone else, you will get a 25% discount for that badge, plus an additional 25% off of a Mix-And-Match badge for yourself!

There's a trick!  You can gift yourself that badge, so you can get 25% off on two Mix-And-Match badges for yourself.


Released: 2010 Valentine's Day Limited Edition Badge
Posted on Feb 01 2010 by LittleOne

  2010 Valentine's Day Limited Edition Badge

Sweet Tooth 2 2010 Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Badge
Make 150 ‘4 Match’ combos in 2 weeks!
Win this badge plus 5,000 tokens

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