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New Spring Mini's
Posted on Apr 24 2010 by Staff

April Showers, Spring Flowers and YOU!

April 22, 2010

Just in time for Earth Day, the Mini Mall is proud to present to you some of the most weather-laden Mini items yet! Thunder, lightning, hail, sunshine and more! Get your rain gear on under "Clothing" and look under "Goodies" for more! Plus, per your request, we've added a bunch of new kids to the mix!

Coming Soon: Pogo Philler
Posted on Apr 22 2010 by LittleOne
It appears that Pogo has another new game in production.  This game will be called "Pogo Philler" and it has a hot air balloon theme.  At this time it looks like the game will have 50 ranks so it is likely that it will also have at least 5 in-game rank badges.  Be sure to check back soon for updates.
Weekly Challenges (Apr. 21- Apr. 27)
Posted on Apr 21 2010 by Staff


Mini Golf Madness - Chip Shot Badge

Finish a hole under par or better 60 times this week! (Score -1 or less for a hole)


Beaker Creatures - Creature Comfort Badge 

Win 3000 tokens this week! (Including Jackpot Spins)


Super Edition - Poppit! - Feelin' Ballony Badge

Release 1500 prizes between 12 AM PT April 21 through 12 AM PT May 12!

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Released: Clue Secrets & Spies
Posted on Apr 20 2010 by Staff

Pogo has finally released Clue Secrets & Spies.  The badges for this game are based on episodes.

Pogo is giving the first two episodes free to Club Pogo members, and only one episode is only available for non-members.  Additional episodes will cost 20 gems.

NBA Mini Gear on Sale!
Posted on Apr 19 2010 by Staff

NBA Playoffs Mean NBA Mini Gear SALE!

April 19, 2010

The 2010 NBA Playoffs are here! Get in on the action with our HUGE NBA Mini gear sale! For a limited time, get 50% off all official NBA Mini items. Visit NBA Central to get this steal of a deal!

PogoAddiction "HotShots" - Apr. 19
Posted on Apr 19 2010 by Staff
Scrabble Tour Available
Posted on Apr 15 2010 by LittleOne

Downloads page here.

Get crowned the tour’s next Grand Champion in America’s favorite word game Play at your own pace or test your difficulty limits! Compete in a nationwide tour and challenge other virtual leagues!

2 modes: Story or Solo
Play casually or increase difficulty levels
Rich Full-screen graphics and sound
Save progress and achievements for up to 8 different profiles
No internet connection required and no advertisements

Celebrate Earth Day!
Posted on Apr 15 2010 by Staff

It's the 40th Birthday for Earth Day!

April 15, 2010

It's hard to believe that just 40 years ago we finally got around to giving ol' Mother Earth a little appreciation! Look under Backgrounds, Goodies, and Clothing for items that make the Earth a little happier!

New Pogo Expressions Added to the Gift Store
Posted on Apr 15 2010 by Staff

Pogo has recently released 10 new Pogo Expression in the Gift Store.

See the newly released expressions at the Pogo GIFT STORE

Pogo Casino Night - Apr. 15
Posted on Apr 15 2010 by Staff

  On the 3rd Thursday of every month collect up to 6,000 tokens for FREE!

The featured games this month are: Jacks or Better, Showbiz Slots II, and Keno

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