Word Game Adventures Premium Badge Album


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  Album Complete Badge  
  Word Game Adventures Premium Album
10 Challenges
Cost: $5.99
Release Date: September 18, 2007

  Happy Ending Badge
Tumble Bees
Spell the "Buzz Word" 15 times in 2 weeks!
  Stealing a Kiss Badge
Tumble Bees
Complete the Bonus Game 25 times in 2 weeks!
  Distress Call Badge
Spell 50 words of 6 or more letters in 2 weeks!
  Pumpin' Up Badge
Word Craft
Complete the Bonus Game 15 times in 2 weeks!
  Owl Power Badge
Play 7 words of 7 letters or more in 2 weeks!
  Escape by Land Badge
Word Whomp
Win 25 games on Skill Level 3 in 2 weeks!
  Escape by Air Badge
Word Whomp Whackdown
Reach the Speed Round 66 times on HARD Skill Level in 2 weeks!
  Happy Couple Badge
Hangman Hijinks
Get a score of 45 points or more in 25 games in 2 weeks (not including the Bonus Game!)
  Fighting Words Badge
Win 9 900-point games in 2 weeks!

  The Search is On Badge
Word Search Daily
Solve 50 RANDOM Puzzles in 2 weeks! (Click the Random Puzzle button after each puzzle. Your progress will appear in the chat area only.)