Loyal Friends Premium Badge Album


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  Album Complete Badge  
  Loyal Friends Premium Album
8 Challenges
Cost: $4.99
Release Date: December 13, 2005
RETIRED: November 26, 2007

  Tikka's Badge
Jungle Gin
Win 5 700-point matches in 2 weeks!
  Fluffy's Badge
High Stakes Pool
Win 21 games in 2 weeks!
  Cinnamon's Badge
Tri-Peaks Solitaire
Use a "wild card" 20 times in 2 weeks!
  Zippy's Badge
Get 33 Red 3's in 2 weeks! (Finish the game to earn your Red 3's!)
  Goldie's Badge
Vaults of Atlantis
Reach the "Atlantis Vault" Bonus game in 2 weeks!
  Mr. Whisker's Badge
Activate 15 "Super Lottso" cards in 2 weeks!
  Fido's Badge
Rainy Day Spider Solitaire
Win 30 games without using any Bonus "Free Columns" in 2 weeks!
  Ace's Badge
World Class Solitaire
Complete a "world tour" by circling the globe and flying past the city where you started in 2 weeks!