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PogoAddiction Forum Rules
« on: May 29, 2008, 07:25:27 PM »
PogoAddiction Forum Rules!
  • No discussion about autos, where to get them, who may or may not be using them, how to hack/crack them or websites that provide information on any of the preceeding.
  • No discussions about harming or damaging other websites.
  • Show Respect to Everyone at ALL TIMES!
  • No flaming or fighting.  Disrespect to a staff member is generally an automatic ban.  If you disagree, do it respectfully.
  • Do NOT post any screen names of pogo players.
  • Do NOT post any screen names of pogo employees.
  • No Advertising of other websites.  General discussion is fine.  Spam is not. PogoAddiction has all the information any other site does.
*Regarding multiple memberships, if it is found that you have created one or multiple accounts at PogoAddiction for the purpose of gaining priviledges, prizes, tokens or any other benefit usually earned through sole, regular member participation, your accounts will be suspended, and anything you have gained dishonestly will be removed immediately.

  • Any member found to circumvent or attempt to circumvent a barrier or limitation on the forum in a way that benefits themselves or select few members, will be considered in violation of the forum rules.
  • A member that purposely creates, and actively engages in the use of, multiple accounts for any reason determined to be self achiving or detremental to the forum, will be considered in violation of forum rules.
  • Forum staff does not have 24/7 365 to think of every way a member may engage in cheating.  Anything deemed cheating, fraud, or disadvantage of this forum or its members, that is not specifically stated within these aforementioned rules, may at the the discretion of the admin or the staff, be deemed a violation of the rules.
  • Click for Signature Rules/Template
  • Click for Rules on Unreleased Pogo Game Images
  • Click for Rules on Unreleased Pogo Information
  • Information and Images found on this site, are to stay on the site.  They are not to be copied and pasted to other sites, UNLESS you are allowed to put "Credit to PogoAddiction for these images/info" or have expressed permission on LittleOne
  • Additional Considerations

 These rules are subject to change at anytime, for any reason, by any Administrator!
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