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Weekly Challenges (March 3 - March 9)
Posted on Mar 03 2010 by Staff


Bingo Luau - Hula Hoop Badge

Get 10 Bingos this week!


KenoPop! - Light Up the Meter Badge 

Play any Power-up 25 times this week!

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges


PogoAddiction "Hot Shots" - Mar. 1
Posted on Mar 01 2010 by Staff
March 2010 Mix-and-Match Released
Posted on Mar 01 2010 by LittleOne


March 2010 Mix-And-Match Badges are now available for purchase on Pogo.com.

Unmatched Mondays!!!
Posted on Mar 01 2010 by Staff

Play any of these games every Monday between Jan. 18-March 29, 2010 and get 2,323 per game.

Battleship, Pogo Bowl, Crossword Cove, Jigsaw treasure Hunter, High Stakes Pool, Boggle Bash, Chess, High Stakes Poker, and Blackjack Carnival

Rumor has it that you may be able to get these tokens twice during the day, once in the morning and once after 5pm PST.

Jigsaw Detective - The Reliable Runaway
Posted on Feb 28 2010 by LittleOne
Jigsaw Detective's "The Reliable Runaway" case has been released.  See the puzzles for this and all Jigsaw Detective case on our Jigsaw Detective puzzles page.  

10-Pack Premium Album on Sale!
Posted on Feb 25 2010 by Staff

The 10-Pack Premium Badge Album has been discounted 40% to $3.59 or 51 Gems.  Pogo will be retiring the "10-Pack" Premium Badge Album on March 9th!

The album includes the following games: Hog Heaven Slots, Tumble Bees, Mahjong Garden, Makeover Madness, Dice City Roller, Jungle Gin, Pogo Bowl, Phlinx, Texas Hold'em Poker and Fortune Bingo

New: Pogo Arcade *Beta*
Posted on Feb 24 2010 by LittleOne

Pogo Arcade

Pogo has just opened up a new Pogo Arcade site, which features various flash based games.  At this time it appears that the site is entirely free and requires no membership and not even a sign up.  Right now the site still has the "Beta" banner on it, so this may be a public testing venture.  Who knows what Pogo may have in mind with this new Flash based gaming site, but Pogo has been venturing into the Flash based gaming arena for a while now with such favorites as Beaker Creatures.

Check it out and be sure to tell us what you think!

Weekly Challenges (February 24 - March 2)
Posted on Feb 24 2010 by LittleOne

First Class Solitaire - First to Board Badge First Class Solitaire - First to Board Badge

First Class Solitaire - First to Board Badge 

Complete 12 foundation stacks this week!

YAHTZEE Party - Roll the Hard Six Badge YAHTZEE Party - Roll the Hard Six Badge

YAHTZEE Party - Roll the Hard Six Badge

Roll 6 Yahtzees with 'sixes' this week!

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

PLUS! Its a Personal Challenge Marathon Week!  Do up to THREE Personal challenges this week!

Coming Soon: Easter Limited Edition M&M Badge
Posted on Feb 23 2010 by LittleOne

Place 800 balls on the game cards in 2 weeks!
Win this badge plus 3,000 tokens!

Cost: 28 Gems

Released: Flower Daze
Posted on Feb 23 2010 by LittleOne


After what appears to be numerous reports of issues with Flower Daze, it now appears everything is up and running.  Give the game a check and tell us what you think.

Remember to get to the game, you may need to add it to your favorites!  You can also to get it here.

>Follow Rank Progress on our Flower Daze Ranks Page
>Track Your Own Rank Progress with our Ranks Tracker
>Get and Share Flower Daze Tips
>Full Rooms? Use EnterPogo's Flower Daze Backdoors

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