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Mix and Match Coupon
Posted on Mar 15 2010 by LittleOne

Pogo is offering you the ability to save 50% off any any Mix-and-Match badge for word games.  Simply use the coupon code "WORD50"

The code is good for today, Monday - March 15th only!  Check back tomorrow for the next code and more savings!

PogoAddiction "HotShots" - Mar. 15
Posted on Mar 15 2010 by Staff
Unmatched Mondays!!!
Posted on Mar 15 2010 by Staff

Play any of these games every Monday between Jan. 18-March 29, 2010 and get 2,323 per game.

Battleship, Pogo Bowl, Turbo 21, Jigsaw treasure Hunter, High Stakes Pool, Sweet Tooth 2, Chess, High Stakes Poker, and Blackjack Carnival

Rumor has it that you may be able to get these tokens twice during the day, once in the morning and once after 5pm PST.

Coming Soon: "Easy as Pie" Premium Album
Posted on Mar 10 2010 by LittleOne

A New Premium Album is in production and  will be called "Easy as Pie".   It will likely cost $5.99 when it's finally released and contain 10 badges plus an album complete badge.  Well we have a preview of the badges.  Challenge information is not yet available, but we will post it as soon as its available!

Weekly Challenges (March 10 - March 16)
Posted on Mar 10 2010 by Staff


Chess - Pwned! Badge

Capture 50 pieces this week!


Lottso! Express - Refill Badge 

Complete 200 bingos this week!

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Clue Secrets & Spies.....Coming Soon!!!
Posted on Mar 10 2010 by Staff

From the latest Pogo newsletter, Clue Secrets & Spies - A New Hidden - Object Game........Coming Soon!!

On the UK site under Pogo News the game will be called Cluedo, but on the US site it will be called Clue. There is a small article on the UK site that explains the features of the game. 

It also seems that the game is free, but some features are not.  Here is a excerpt from the article.

"Enjoy the first episode of this fantastic game completely free, then purchase additional episodes from the CLUEDO Secrets & Spies Episode Store using Pogo Gems! Club Pogo members will benefit from additional free episodes AND get a hefty discount on additional episodes purchased."

There are no mention of how much these episodes will be.

PogoAddiction "HotShots" - Mar. 8
Posted on Mar 10 2010 by Staff
Released: Mythic Menagerie Premium Album
Posted on Mar 08 2010 by LittleOne
Mythic Menagerie The new "Mythic Menagerie" Premium Album has been released and costs $5.99.  It contains 10 challenges plus an album completion badge.

April 2010 Mix-And-Match Preview
Posted on Mar 05 2010 by LittleOne

In April, Pogo will bring us 12 new Mix-And-Match Challenges in a variety of games.

A preview of the games and challenges can be seen by clicking the "Comment and More Information" link below.


Coming Soon: Pogo Expressions
Posted on Mar 04 2010 by Staff

  Pogo will be expanding their gifting services in the near future!  Currently Club Pogo Members are able to gift other Club Pogo members badges, albums and mini items.  The Pogo Gift Store will soon be adding "Pogo Expressions" that you will also be able to gift.

Pogo Expressions, like the one to the left, will be available as static images or as animated images and will have unique messages such as "Welcome Baby," or Birthday and Congratulations messages.  It appears that Pogo Expressions will cost you Pogo Tokens or Pogo Gems, however this could change to be Gem exclusive or Token exclusive, those that is unlikely.

Like, greeting cards, you can send them to express gratitude, celebrate a birthday or any other occasion or holiday.

Althought it is unclear at this time, it appears that Pogo Expressions could be available to regular Pogo members as well as Club Pogo members, with some of the Expressions being Club Pogo exclusives.

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