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PA Game Night - April 16th!
Posted on Apr 14 2010 by Staff
Join us on the 3rd Friday of each month for PogoAddiction Game Night

This month's games will be held in:

> 7 - 7:30 pm  EST- Perfect Pair Solitare - 20's/Members Room/Royal Princess

> 7:35 - 8 pm EST - First Class Solitare - 20's/Members Room/Island Hopping

> 8 - 9 pm EST -  Tri-Peaks Solitare - 20's/Members Room/Mayan Ruins

 ADVANTAGE_GAME_NIGHT__S-0350.jpg picture by lguy1967
Be sure to join us and let us know that you were sent via the PA Blog!

To see the event schedule check out our PogoAddiction Contests

Weekly Challenges (April 14 - April 20)
Posted on Apr 14 2010 by Staff


Everyone Wins Bingo - Spring Saplings Badge 

Call 50 vertical bingos this week!


Crossword Cove - Hermit Crab Badge 

Earn 12 star powerups this week! (Easy and Medium difficulty level puzzles contain star powerups)

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

PogoAddiction "HotShots" - Apr. 12
Posted on Apr 12 2010 by Staff
SALE: Piece of Cake Premium Badge Album
Posted on Apr 07 2010 by LittleOne

Pogo has just place the "Piece of Cake" premium badge album on SALE.  The album, on sale for half price, will cost you $2.99 or 43 gems.

This will be your LAST chance to purchase this album.  It is set to retire on April 20th! 

The albums consists of the following games: Pogo Bowl, Tumble Bees, Lottso!, Payday FreeCell, Fortune Bingo, Hearts, Turbo 21, High Stakes Poker, Sweet Tooth 2, and Stack 'em

Weekly Challenges (April 7 - April 13)
Posted on Apr 07 2010 by Staff


Canasta - Hip Cat Badge 

Meld out before your opponents 7 times this week!


Aces Up! - Goggles Do Nothing Badge 

Remove 1500 cards this week!



Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Released: Easy as Pie - PBA
Posted on Apr 06 2010 by Staff
Pogo has just released the new premium badge album, Easy As Pie.  The album will cost you $5.99 or 86 gems.

The albums consists of the following games: Word Whomp, First Class Solitare, Poppit!, Mahjong Safari, Everyone Wins Bingo, Wonderland Memories, Phlinx, Golf Solitare, Stack'em, and Tumble Bees.


PogoAddiction "HotShots" - Apr. 5
Posted on Apr 05 2010 by Staff
Released: Fairy Tale Mini's
Posted on Apr 01 2010 by Staff

A Most Royal Fairytale Awaits!

April 1, 2010

Once upon a time... there were kings, and queens, and princes and princesses and they ruled the Mini Mall. And what ho? 'Tis apparent that this time is upon us now! Check out the breathtaking Backgrounds, glorious Goodies and royal Costumes!

And straight out of the storybooks comes Bella, the Enchanted! This Unicorn is our Pet of the Month for April!

Mix-And-Match: April Released & May Preview!
Posted on Apr 01 2010 by LittleOne


April 2010 Mix-And-Match Badges are now available for purchase on Pogo.com.

In May, Pogo will bring us 12 new Mix-And-Match Challenges in a variety of games.

A preview of the games and challenges can be seen by clicking the "Comment and More Information" link below.


Coming Soon: "Family Game Night" Premium Album
Posted on Apr 01 2010 by LittleOne

A New Premium Album is in production and  will be called "Family Game Night".   It will cost $4.99 when it's finally released and contain 8 badges plus an album complete badge.  If features all Hasbro games.  Well we have a preview of the badges and the Challenge information can be seen by clicking the More Information Link below!

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