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Sale: 10% off Pogo Downloadable Bundles
Posted on Jul 03 2010 by Staff

July 4th Bundle Bonanza!

Get the latest bundles at 10% off this 4th of July weekend!

*Offer is valid through 7/5/10, and not valid with any other offer or code. 

Comment and More Information

July 2010 Mix-And-Match Released
Posted on Jul 01 2010 by LittleOne


July 2010 Mix-And-Match Badges are now available for purchase on Pogo.com.

More Info: Balloon Bounce Badges
Posted on Jul 01 2010 by LittleOne

Below is a sneek peak at the In Game Rank and Bonus badges for Balloon Bounce.  The first five are the rank badges which are earned (and titled as such) at ranks 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.


These last two badges, titled as "Balloon Heros Badge" and "Boom Boom Ballon Badge" respectively will be the two bonus badges.


No criteria has been established or identified to earn any of these badges.

Released: Astrology Minis
Posted on Jul 01 2010 by Staff

Astrology I - Aquarius through Cancer

July 1, 2010

Behold the mysteries of the Zodiac! This Mini release, as well as the next, will be focused on Astrology, fortune telling and the universe! Check out the Backgrounds for constellations, goodies for books, and look under "Tee Shirts" for your sign! What do you think? Let know!

And in keeping with the theme, July's Pet of the Month is
Kotodama, the magical owl intrigued by knowledge and books!

Weekly Challenges (June 30 - July 6)
Posted on Jun 30 2010 by Staff


Bingo Luau - Hang Ten Badge 

Correctly cover 500 numbers this week!


Turbo 21 - Need For Speed Badge 

Get 250 21's this week! 

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Coming Soon: Pogo "7 Year Birthday" Special Edition Badge
Posted on Jun 29 2010 by LittleOne
_ As with every anniversary since the inception of Club Pogo, Pogo has released an anniversary badge.  It is pretty likely, that as with every previous year, Pogo will release this badge automatically to all active Club Pogo Members in late July.

New Pogo Menu Bar
Posted on Jun 29 2010 by LittleOne

Pogo has revamped the Menu Bar, adding the "Shop" and removing the "Mini Mall" tab and also replacing the "Home" tab with a Home Icon.  The Mini Mall can be be found under the "Shop" tab.

News, News, and More News...
Posted on Jun 29 2010 by LittleOne

Club Pogo Rewards Program!

Soon Club Pogo members will be earning fabulous rewards simply for being loyal members! Whether you renew yearly or monthly, you'll find some nice bonuses coming your way! Yearly renewals will receive gems and a free month! Monthly renewals will receive gems! This is just a way for us to say "thanks" for your continued membership! 

More Info...

Pogo Mobile to return!

Pogo is in the process of developing iPhone (and presumably iPad/iPod Touch) games for Pogo.  Indications have it currently that Pogo is developing the games Mahjong Safari, Poppit!, Sweet Tooth, Turbo 21, and Word Whomp.

Weigh in and tell Pogo what you think with their survey on this subject.

The "Matinee" Premium Badge Album was renamed to "Summer Blockbusters" and now has been renamed a second time to "At the Matinee".  We also now have the challenge information available!  More Info...

Pogo Philler, which was a game we informed you about a few months ago, has been renamed to Balloon Bounce.  The game's logo can be viewed to the left. More Info...

PogoAddiction "HotShots" - June 28
Posted on Jun 28 2010 by Staff
Weekly Challenges (June 23 - June 29)
Posted on Jun 23 2010 by Staff


BATTLESHIP - Torpedo Badge 

Sink 100 ships this week!


Makeover Madness - Frizzy Hair Badge 

Make it to 'Day 5' 5 times this week! 

Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

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