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Unrivaled Mondays!!!
Posted on Oct 25 2010 by Staff

Play any of the 10 games every Monday between the dates of
October 4, 2010 - December 27, 2010 and get 2323 tokens*!

*Tokens are awarded once

Mini Release: Angels and Demons
Posted on Oct 21 2010 by Staff

Angels and Demons and Halloween!

October 21, 2010

Halloween continues with Angels and Demons and a whole lot of fun! Heavenly backgrounds, mischievous goodies, and of course - costumes! Did someone say "Angel Wings?" Yup - we got 'em! And we've got devil horns and halos, too!

And, in the "demon" category, we've still got
Helga, the Hellion, October's Pet of the Month! Just don't fall asleep and everything will be just fine...

Thoughts? Let

Triple Bonus Tokens!
Posted on Oct 21 2010 by Staff

Today's featured games for Triple Bonus Tokens are:

Pay Day Freecell, Turbo 21, and High Stakes Pool

*3,000 tokens per game

From Pogo News:
Posted on Oct 20 2010 by Staff
Reward Your Friends in Games You Love!

October 20, 2010

You can now give gifts in game playing Bingo Luau, First Class Solitaire and YAHTZEE Party. Congratulate all your Pogo friends with a WTG, GG and more for a game well played!

Three simple ways to start gifting:
  1. Click on the new "GIFTS" button in the top of the Main Chat area
  2. Click on a fun gift prompt message that will appear in Main Chat
  3. Right-click on a player's screen name and select "Give Gift"
Opening a gift received is as easy as gifting!

Three simple ways to open your gift:
  1. Click on Gift icon on the bottom of the Main Chat area
  2. Click on the prompt message within Main Chat. Message will say "Click here to open it".
  3. Right click on your screen name to "View Gifts"
What are you waiting for? Start gifting today in these selected games:
Bingo Luau
First Class Solitaire
We'll be rolling out more games to gift in so stay tuned!

Comment and More Information

Weekly Challenges (Oct. 20 - Oct. 26)
Posted on Oct 20 2010 by Staff


MONOPOLY Slots  - Unusual Suspects Badge

Win 6000 tokens this week! 


Stellar Sweeper - Intergalactic Fender Bender Badge 

Get 10 Jackpot spins this week! 



Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Additional Ranks Added: Spooky Slots & Phlinx
Posted on Oct 19 2010 by Staff

Spooky Slots now has 20 ranks!  When you reach 199 story bonuses, you will reach rank 20, and receive the Pumpkin Scarecrow Badge.


Phlinx now has 50 ranks! You will need to win 3592 games to reach rank 50, and receive the Obelisk Badge. 



PogoAddiction "HotShots" - Oct. 18
Posted on Oct 18 2010 by Staff
Unrivaled Mondays!!!
Posted on Oct 18 2010 by Staff

Play any of the 10 games every Monday between the dates of
October 4, 2010 - December 27, 2010 and get 2323 tokens*!

*Tokens are awarded once

Coming Soon: "Fashion Forward" PBA
Posted on Oct 17 2010 by LittleOne

  A New Premium Album is in production and  will be called "Fashion Forward".   It will likely cost $5.99 when it's finally released and contain 10 badges plus an album complete badge.  Well we have a preview of the badges.  Challenge information is available under the more information link!


Sale: Today only!
Posted on Oct 14 2010 by Staff

One Day Sale - Save 40% Today!

Save 40% off today ONLY (10/14/10), on all download games. 

This special is for Club Pogo Members only.


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