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Coming Soon: Clue Episode 23 - Thin Ice in Bangkok
Posted on Feb 14 2011 by Staff

Thin Ice in Bangkok 

Travel from exotic Thailand to the frozen wastes of Antarctica in the latest CLUE S&S adventure. You're on the trail of a sinister spy who's stolen secrets the government cannot afford to be public.

Includes: The Bangkok on Ice badge


Cost 20 gems for Club Members and 40 gems for Non-Club Members

Coming Soon: Clue Episode 22 - Certified Public Assassin
Posted on Feb 14 2011 by Staff

Certified Public Assassin - Free!

You'll race around the world from Madagascar to Boston, to track down a shady money man known as "the IRA's CPA."
But when you get too close, you won't believe the lengths he'll go to to throw you off his trail..

Includes: The Certified Public Assassin badge


Premium Album Re-Releases
Posted on Feb 14 2011 by LittleOne

  Pogo will be re-releasing some of the classic Premium Albums of the past that they have retired.  The three albums are: Solitaire Playland, What's Your Sign, and Word Game Adventures.  There are no specifics on how long these will be available so if you haven't purchased them already, we suggest you jump on it as soon as you can.

PogoAddiction "HotShots" - Feb. 14
Posted on Feb 14 2011 by Staff
Valentine's M&M Sale!!
Posted on Feb 12 2011 by Staff


Spread some LOVE by buying one M&M Badge, and getting one FREE!

Use the coupon code below in all CAPS at checkout.

*Offer expires 2/15/11

Triple Bonus Tokens!!!
Posted on Feb 10 2011 by Staff

Today's featured games for Triple Bonus Tokens are:

Payday FreeCell, YAHTZEE! Party, and Sweet Tooth 2

*3,000 tokens per game

Coming Soon: St. Patrick's Day Limited Edition Badge
Posted on Feb 09 2011 by Staff


Make 30 Canasta in 2 weeks!

Cost: 28 Gems

Hasbro's Valentine's Day Game Feast
Posted on Feb 09 2011 by Staff

Hasbro and Pogo have teamed up again for Valentine's Day!  Play any of these games to earn up to 60,000 tokens.

Trivial Pursuit Daily 20, Monopoly Here & Now, Scrabble, Battleship, Boggle Bash and Yahtzee

*tokens are awarded once per day 2/9 - 2/16


Weekly Challenges (Feb. 9 - Feb. 15)
Posted on Feb 09 2011 by Staff


Perfect Pair Solitare - Double Dutch Duo Badge

Win 22 Jackpot Spins this week! 


Sweet Tooth 2 - Sweet Valentine Badge 

Win 21 games this week! 



Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Released: The Best of Poppit - Premium Album
Posted on Feb 08 2011 by Staff

  Pogo has released the new Premium Badge Album, The Best of Poppit.  This album features 10 Poppit! badges pulled from Pogo's Premium Album inventory!  You can purchase this album for 86 gems!  It contains 10 challenges and an album complete badge!

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