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Club Pogo Weekend Download Games Sale
Posted on Apr 08 2011 by Staff

Save 50%* off select games!

Offer valid from 4/8/2011 - 4/10/2011.

* Not valid with any other offer or code.

Comment and More Information

Released: Easter Mini's
Posted on Apr 07 2011 by Staff

The Easter bunny has arrived in the Mini Mall! 

Hop on over to the mall, and check out all the cute Easter backgrounds, costumes and goodies!

Triple Bonus Token Thursday!!!
Posted on Apr 07 2011 by Staff

Today's featured games for Triple Bonus Tokens are:

Pay Day Freecell, YAHTZEE Party, and Sweet Tooth 2!

Play each featured game and get a total of 9,000 tokens!

It's Wacky Wednesday on Pogo!
Posted on Apr 06 2011 by Staff
Mahjong Escape: Ancient China

On Sale on Pogo - Today Only - for only $9.95!

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Weekly Challenges (Apr. 6 - Apr. 12)
Posted on Apr 06 2011 by Staff


Everyone Wins Bingo - Bingo Was His Name-O Badge

Earn 5000 tokens playing Everyone Wins Bingo this week! 


Puck's Peak - Pinnacle Point Badge 

Build 15000 meters this week! 



Need Tips? Click here for tips for this weeks challenges

Released: Clue Case #25 - Raid on Khartoum
Posted on Apr 05 2011 by LittleOne

The sinister Agent Black has set up headquarters in a hidden location, and you must track the clues across the globe from Jamaica to Indonesia, and root out C.L.U.E.'s latest nest of vipers.

Raid on Khartoum Badge

Costs 20 gems for Club Members and 40 gems for Non-Club Members

Animal Babies Premium Album Released
Posted on Apr 05 2011 by LittleOne
Pogo's next Premium Badge Album, Animal Babies, has now been released! It contains 10 challenges and an album complete badge! Purchase it today for 86 gems.

Extra Personal Challenges Now Active
Posted on Apr 05 2011 by LittleOne

Surprisingly, Pogo has activated its "Two Personal Challenges" per week change on a Tuesday!  With this morning's maintaince, you can now do a second Personal Challenge per week. 

Today is the last day of this "challenge week" so get in there and do that second personal challenge for this week while you still can!

Released: Limited Edition Mini Items
Posted on Apr 05 2011 by Staff

This morning Pogo released their Limited Edition Mini Items.  These incredibly rare Pogo Mini items are available in limited quantities. Once they sell out, they're gone forever! Collect them all or give them to someone special.

Tip:  Come back early and often - you never know when new ones will appear!

Coming Soon: Three New Clue Episodes
Posted on Apr 04 2011 by LittleOne

Download on Doom

Blast off around the globe, and even off it, in this new adventure! C.L.U.E. has plans to infiltrate the most sensitive financial  networks in the world, and only you can stop them!

Includes: Doom-Load badge


Conflict on the Caspian

From the rough streets of Johannesburg to the beautiful Caspian Sea, track one of C.L.U.E.s top analysts down and bring him in before he slips through your clutches forever.

Includes: Caspian Conflict badge


 Abducted in Ulan Bator

Pursue the vile kidnapper Agent White around the world from picturesque Victoria Falls to the hidden catacombs of Seattle in your race to save the Baron Albert's innocent young daughter.

Includes: Ulan Bator Abductor badge

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