"Now That's A Challenge" Premium Badge Album


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  Album Complete Badge  
  "Now That's A Challenge" Album
10 Challenges
Cost: $5.99
Release Date: May 23, 2006

  Juggling Badge
Make 200 groups of 5 or more stones fall to the ground in 2 weeks!
  Water Spout Badge
Rainy Day Spider Solitaire
Win 12 games on NORMAL difficulty level or higher in 2 weeks!
  Dogs Playing Spades Badge
Win 12 hands in 2 weeks!

  Seahorse Badge
Win 5,000 tokens at MEDIUM difficulty level or higher in 2 weeks!
  Song of the Seasons Future
Mahjong Garden
Make Identical matches for all 8 of the Seasons Tiles in 30 puzzles in 2 weeks!
  Checkpoint Badge
World Class Solitaire
Win 35 games with 400 tokens or more (including the Jackpot Spin) in 2 weeks!
  Bump-o-rama Badge
Shuffle Bump
Reach the Bonus Round 30 times in 2 weeks!
  Walk in the Park Badge
Vaults of Atlantis
Earn 3 or more "Scatter Symbols" 10 times in 2 weeks!
  Bon Appetite Badge
Lost Temple Poker
Finish the Lost Temple Bonus Game 30 times in 2 weeks!
  Poppin' the Question Badge
Make 125 SUPER POPS in 2 weeks! (Pop groups of 8 or more balloons to earn the SUPER POP bonus!)