Badge Bonanza Premium Badge Album


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  Album Complete Badge  
  Badge Bonanza Premium Album
10 Challenges
Cost: $5.99
Release Date: Feb 21, 2006

  Counting the Money Badge
Payday FreeCell
Get 10 or more Bonus Points in a "Payday Bonus" Scratch Card 200 times in 2 weeks!
  Domino Whomp Badge
Win 15 games with at least 20 points more then your opponent in 2 weeks!
  Turn Up the Heat Badge
Fortune Bingo
Get 2,500 tokens in 6-card Speedy Games (NOT including Jackpot Spins) in 2 weeks!
  Fat Free Badge
Wonderland Memories
Collect 300 "White Rabbit Cookies" in 2 weeks!
  Reel Him In Badge
Word Whomp
Win 50 games on Skill Level 3 in 2 weeks!
  Freeze Frame Photo Badge
Penguin Blocks
Collect 600 pieces of seafood in 2 weeks!
  Wordy QWERTY Badge
Capture 50 golden stars in 2 weeks!
  Fasten Your Seatbelt Badge
First Class Solitaire
Complete 65 "foundation stacks" in 2 weeks!
  Jumpin' the Shark Badge
Ride the Tide
Win 500 hands in 2 weeks!
  Monkeying Around Badge
Jungle Gin
Win 25 hands of Oklahoma Gin in 2 weeks! (Make sure the "Oklahoma Gin" option is selected!)