10-Pack Premium Badge Album


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  Album Complete Badge  
  10-Pack Premium Album
10 Challenges
Cost: $5.99
Release Date: May 22, 2007

  Piggie Cloudland Badge
Hog Heaven Slots
Collect 8 Hog Heaven symbols in 2 weeks!
  Honeymaker Badge
Tumble Bees
Spell 80 words of 5 letters or more in 2 weeks!
  Speedy Salon Badge
Makeover Madness
Make $100,000 in tips in 2 weeks!
  Gin Journey Badge
Jungle Gin
Get GIN 40 times in 2 weeks!
  Tomb of the Golden Tokens
Win 6,000 tokens in 2 weeks!
  Dottie's Tent Badge
Fortune Bingo
Correctly cover 3,000 numbers in 1 week!
  Card Cruiser Badge
Dice City Roller
Clear 400 cards (not including the auctions) in 2 weeks!
  Perfect Ball Badge
Pogo Bowl
Bowl 2 games where you score 200 points or more in 4 weeks!
  Hold'em House Badge
Texas Hold'em Poker
Win 5 hands with a Full House or better in 2 weeks!
  Spring Delight Badge
Mahjong Garden
End the game while in the Spring season 12 times in 2 weeks! (Make an exact match for 2 Spring tiles before you finish each game.)