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Each of the games for which pogo has In-Game Badges are listed below.  You can find the badge, rank, and achievements required to obtain them!

All Game Badges Aces Up! BattlePhlinx Canasta Casino Isl. Blackjack First Class Solitaire Fortune Bingo Harvest Mania Jigsaw Detective Lost Temple Poker Lottso! Mahjong Garden Omaha Poker Panda Pai Gow Poker Penguin Blocks Perfect Pair Solitaire Phlinx Pinochle Pogo Bowl PopFu PoppaZoppa Poppit! Quick Quack QWERTY Rainy Day Solitaire Ride The Tide Shuffle Bump Spades Squelchies Stack'em Stellar Sweeper Texas Hold'em Poker Tri-Peak Solitaire Wonderland Memories Word Whomp Word W. Whackdown Wordjong World Class Solitaire

About Chat
  Problem Players   Chationary   Emoticons

To send a chat message, type into the text field and press the "Send" button. To use a Chat Feature, click a player's name in the "Who's Here" list.

Chat features:

See Profile - Click this option to see a player's personal profile and ratings.

Add to Friends List - Add players to your Friends List if you want to be able to find them later. When you click on the My Friends tab, you will see the current location of all of your friends!

Mute - Click this option to hide an individual player's chat. To un-mute a player's chat, click this option again.

Boot - Click this option to boot an abusive player or watcher from a table. This tool is only available in 4-player games.

Report Chat Abuse - To report Chat Abuse, click this option and enter the screen name of the offender and a short description of the problem. Our team will take appropriate action as soon as possible.

View Pogo Mini - To view someone's Pogo Mini, click on their name in the list and select "View Pogo Mini"


Chat options:

Show chat - When this item is checked, chat will appear normally. When this item is not checked, the chat is hidden.

Display Chat Bubbles - Some games have chat bubbles that appear from players seated at the table. When this item is not checked, no chat bubbles will be displayed. Don't worry, you can still see all chat in the regular chat box, even if you have the chat bubbles disabled.

Chat Filter - When this option is selected, bad words will be displayed as cartoon text (For example: @#+$*#!)

Display Badges in chat - When this item is checked, the Badges of Club Pogo members only will display next to their player names. When this item is not checked, no badges will display.

Show Emoticons - Enables the display of emoticons in chat. When this option is not checked, emoticons will be shown as text instead of pictures.

Announce friends - When this item is checked, you will see an announcement in the chat area each time a person on your Friends List enters your current game room. When this item is not checked, you will not see these announcements.

Big Text - When this option is checked, the chat text you see will be displayed in a larger font.

Mini View - You can view players' Pogo? Minis (including your own) right in the same area where the Who's Here list normally is displayed. There are two ways to switch to "Mini view":

  1. Click the button above the Who's Here list that looks like a small picture. This will switch to "Mini View".
  2. Click on someone's name in the Who's here list, and select "View Pogo? Mini" from the options listed. This will load that person's Mini in avatar view.

You can switch back to the Who's Here list by clicking the button with the list icon on it, or by clicking on the Mini and choosing "View Who's Here" from the list of options.



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