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Each of the games for which pogo has In-Game Badges are listed below.  You can find the badge, rank, and achievements required to obtain them!

All Game Badges Aces Up! BattlePhlinx Canasta Casino Isl. Blackjack First Class Solitaire Fortune Bingo Harvest Mania Jigsaw Detective Lost Temple Poker Lottso! Mahjong Garden Omaha Poker Panda Pai Gow Poker Penguin Blocks Perfect Pair Solitaire Phlinx Pinochle Pogo Bowl PopFu PoppaZoppa Poppit! Quick Quack QWERTY Rainy Day Solitaire Ride The Tide Shuffle Bump Spades Squelchies Stack'em Stellar Sweeper Texas Hold'em Poker Tri-Peak Solitaire Wonderland Memories Word Whomp Word W. Whackdown Wordjong World Class Solitaire

About Chat
The Basics   Problem Players     Emoticons
adn -

any day now
afk - away from keyboard
ai - artificial intelligence
asl - age? sex? location?
bbl - be back later
brb - be right back
cya - see ya
gg - good game
gj - good job
gjp - good job, partner
gl - good luck
glp - good luck, partner
iou - i owe you
lmao - laughing my a-- off
lol - laughing out loud
omg - oh, my gosh!
paw - parents are watching
pls - please
rotfl - rolling on the floor, laughing
p - partner
ty - thank you
wtg - way to go!
yw - you're welcome

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