Jigsaw Detective
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R Solve Case Date of Case
Disappearing Act September 2004
Lost Soul October 2004
That Lady is a Man! November 2004
Who Canned Christmas? December 2004
Death by Darjeeling January 2005
Bit and Run February 2005
A Day at the Races March 2005
The Mobster's Ball April 2005
The Lucky Cat May 2005
Gone to the Dogs June 2005
The Headless Holiday July 2005
The Missing Watchmaker August 2005
Monkey Business September 2005
The Case of the Missing Keys October 2005
The Disoriented Express November 2005
Easy as Cake December 2005
Tailing My Own Tail January 2006
The Art of Framing February 2006
The Stake Out March 2006
Rat in a Maze April 2006
Case of the Lost Gino May 2006

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