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Game Badges

Each of the games for which pogo has In-Game Badges are listed below.  You can find the badge, rank, and achievements required to obtain them!

All Game Badges
Aces Up!
Blackjack Carnival
Casino Isl. Blackjack
Dice City Roller
First Class Solitaire
Fortune Bingo
Hangman Hijinks
Harvest Mania
Hog Heaven Slots
Jigsaw Detective
Jungle Gin
Lost Temple Poker
Mahjong Garden
Makeover Madness
Omaha Poker
Panda Pai Gow Poker
Payday FreeCell
Penguin Blocks
Perfect Pair Solitaire
Pogo Bowl
Quick Quack
Rainy Day Solitaire
Ride The Tide
Shuffle Bump
Stellar Sweeper
Texas Hold'em Poker
The Poppit! Show
Tri-Peaks Solitaire
Wonderland Memories
Word Craft
Word Whomp
Word W. Whackdown
World Class Solitaire



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