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  • Socials, Socials, Socials: October 08, 2018 - October 14, 2018

Author Topic: Social Schedule Week Ending October 14  (Read 237 times)

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Social Schedule Week Ending October 14
« on: October 07, 2018, 11:32:04 AM »

Welcome to PogoAddiction Socials!
Meet with your PogoAddiction friends, everyone is always welcome!
Every day is a party at PogoAddiction Socials, so come out and join in the fun!

We start the week with Manic Monday and then Terrific Tuesday.  Tuesday evening we celebrate a Pink Birthday as we continue our Tuesday night tradition in Pogo Bowl.  Then on Wednesday we host socials for the Pogo challenges which includes our Wednesday afternoon Tea Party.  Thursday night we have a social for this month’s challenge in Phlinx and hold socials for the PA challenges on Friday.  Saturday is our challenge day and finish the week on Sunday night with a fun, easy, relaxing game.  Make sure you check the forum for all the challenges and games that are available, earn some points and have lots of fun.


Welcome to Manic Mondays! 
Weekly,  and PA challenges  all done?  Nuthin' to do?  Check the Socials thread for our Manic Monday challenge.

We wish our Canadian neighbors a very happy Thanksgiving

8 pm EDT --  Beaker Creatures
Room:  Topics / Beaker Babies


11 am EDT -- Trizzle
Room:  Badge Nuts
Join your Socialite friends to make this another Terrific Tuesday!

Tonight we celebrate Freddie’s birthday!  Dress for a party but remember we are going to bowl!!  Bring prezzies and make sure you leave room for lots of cake!!

8 pm EDT -- Pogo Bowl
Room: Fast / Topics / Members / Pin Cushion


Good Luck with your badges, Socialites!

Today we return to Mahjong Escape to collect a few flower tiles.  Dress in your prettiest, floweriest clothing and join us for a flowery good time with edible flowers and tea.

3 pm EDT -- Mahjong Escape
Badge:  Tile Style Badge
Challenge:  Collect 89 flower tiles this  week!
Room: Badge Nuts

8 pm EDT -- Jungle Gin
Badge:  Appeasing the Gin Gods Badge
Challenge:  Score 300 gin points this week!
Room:  Beginner / Members / Danube


8 pm EDT– Phlinx
Room:  20s / Members / Anthony & Cleopatra


3 pm EDT -- First Class Solitaire

Badge: Bonus Bonanza Badge
Challenge: Add 400 cards to the Foundation Total
Room:  Topics / Head in the Clouds

8 pm EDT-- Pyramid Solitaire

  Badge: More Kings Please Badge
Challenge: Get a score of 875 FIVE times
Room:  Members / Badge Nuts


Join us today for some challenging fun!
Click here for the whole scoop!

11 am EDT -- Flower Daze
Room:  Topics / Beaches

8 pm EDT-- Word Whomp HD
Room:  Members / Badge Nuts


  8 pm EDT-- Tri-Peaks Solitaire
  Room:  Topics / Egret

Have a great week Pogo-ing Socialites!
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