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Author Topic: Social Schedule Week Ending August 19  (Read 323 times)

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Social Schedule Week Ending August 19
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:15:36 PM »

Welcome to PogoAddiction Socials!
Meet with your PogoAddiction friends, everyone is always welcome!
Watch for our Manic Monday challenge,
some PogoAddiction Forum fun on Terrific Tuesday,
Socials for the Pogo challenges on Wednesday AND our Wednesday afternoon Tea Party,
Socials for the PogoAddiction challenges on Friday,
And a Socialite fave, Challenge Saturday!
Donít forget all your daily challenges as well, get some Forum points and have some fun!


AND welcome to Manic Mondays!
Weekly, and PA challenges all done?  Nuthin' to do?
Check the PogoAddiction Socials Board for the Manic Monday Challenge!

8 pm EDT -- Mahjong Safari
Room:  20s / Member / Cute Animals


11 am EDT -- Turbo 21 HD
Room:  Members / Badge Nuts
Join your Socialite friends to make this another Terrific Tuesday!

8 pm EDT -- Pogo Bowl
Room:  20s / Members / Bowl Your Own


Good Luck with your badges, Socialites!

It's all about letters and words today. Instead of a-e-i-o-u, we'll be looking for P-O-G-O. So put on your thinking caps and unscramble those words. Naturally some jasmine tea and swirly-frosted cupcakes will help to boost your brain energy. Dress your mini to the theme for 4 Forum Event points.
3 pm EDT -- Word Whomp
Badge:  Safe for a Spell Badge
Challenge: Find 150 words with any of the P, O, G, O letters this week!
Room: American English / Members / 20s / Nouns and Verbs

8 pm EDT -- Claire Hart: Soul Searcher
Badge:  Cleaning House Badge
Challenge: Finish 3 episodes this week!
Room: Members / Badge Nuts


8 pm EDT -- Rainy Day Spider Solitaire
Room:  20s / Members / Daddy-Long-Legs


Good Luck with your PogoAddiction badges, Socialites!

3 pm EDT -- PaydayFreecell

Badge:  Lady of the Manor Badge
Challenge:  Win 2,500 tokens
Room: 20s / Members / Queen's English

8 pm EDT -- Amazing Adventures

Badge:  Uncharted Territory Badge
Challenge:  Complete 3 Missions with a score of 275,000 or better
Room: Members / Badge Nuts


Join us today for some challenging fun!
Click here for the whole scoop!

11 am EDT -- Jungle Gin
Room:  Beginner / Members / Cobalt

8 pm EDT -- Tri-Peaks Solitaire
Room:   Topics / Capybara


8 pm EDT -- Monopoly Slots
Room: 20s / Members / Current Events

Have a great week Pogo-ing Socialites!

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