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PogoAddiction's Pogo Mini Hotshots / Re: PA Hot Shots - Week of 4/3/17
« Last post by akashock on Today at 10:06:16 AM »
Thanks, FLC.   I'm not much of a dancer....

Spoiler: show

...but I like to watch it.

PogoAddiction Contests / Re: The Thursday Puzzler - March 30
« Last post by essbee on Today at 07:00:23 AM »
Spoiler: show
PogoAddiction Contests / What Am I Wearing?
« Last post by billthedog082 on Today at 06:32:51 AM »

Good Luck, everyone! Here is this week's mini.  Your list should include 4 different items.

Please PM me, billthedog082, with your answer! 

Guidelines for this contest:
Spoiler: show

Every Thursday, I will post an image of my mini, all decked out with items CURRENTLY available, although not necessarily Newly Released, in the Mini Mall.  Here is an example:

Spoiler: show

You, the participant, have all day (and/or night, if you wish) to figure out what I am wearing.  I will give you one hint, that there are "X" number of items that your search needs to locate.

Your answers, which you will PM to me with the subject "What Am I Wearing", should look like this, listed in any order:
1.  Background... name of background
2.  Goodie... name of goodie

The contest closes at 8 am EDT Friday morning, at which time, I will post the correct answer:
Spoiler: show

A correct list will earn you 25,000 PogoAddiction Credits, and 4 Forum Event points.


Thursday's Daily Challenges:

(Please remember to modify your post each day, not create a new one, Thanks!)

Game: Puck's Peak, Challenge: Reach the first checkpoint (win 1000 tokens!)

Game: Mahjong Garden, Challenge: Match 1 pair of green dragon tiles (win 1000 tokens!)

PogoAddiction Contests / Re: The Thursday Puzzler - March 30
« Last post by gizdor on Today at 05:53:22 AM »
Thank you, Freddie. That tiny puppy on  the big dogs head, is getting very wet!

Spoiler: show
PogoAddiction Contests / The Thursday Puzzler - March 30
« Last post by FreddieB on Today at 04:50:12 AM »

It's time for this week's Thursday Puzzler!

The theme of this Puzzle is: Rainy Day Serendipity

April showers bring May flowers for some - and enjoyment of nature for others!

This puzzle has 91 pieces and there is no rotation involved.

Tip #1: To make your puzzle full screen, click on the square box with the arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will maximize your viewing area for assembling the puzzle. You can also change the background color using the "gear" icon.

Tip #2: To PAUSE your puzzle, simply click on the "p" on your keyboard. To resume, click on your puzzle screen.

Please post your completed puzzle in this thread and be sure to use the Spoiler (Sp) around your puzzle.

Note: If your puzzle does not give you the Congratulations Box, just include the "100% and time" shown below the completed puzzle in your screenshot.

Each participant who completes the puzzle will receive:
50,000 PA Credits and 6 points towards the March Forum Events Badge.

You will have until 8 a.m. EDT on Friday, March 31st, to submit your puzzle.

Here is The Thursday Puzzler . . . .


(clickable link)
Games and Fun / VOTING IS NOW OPEN -- Caption Contest - March 26th
« Last post by FLCruise7 on Yesterday at 11:01:17 PM »

Time to vote for your favorite captions!  You may select up to 3 choices.  The poll will close at 1:00 a.m. on March 31st.                                                                       

Here is this weeks picture:

PogoAddiction Contests / Re: Pogo Daily Challenges ~ March 27 - April 2
« Last post by billthedog082 on Yesterday at 06:12:46 AM »

Wednesday's Daily Challenges:

(Please remember to modify your post each day, not create a new one, Thanks!)

Game: Vaults of Atlantis Slots, Challenge: Get 3 tridents on the reels  (win 1000 tokens!)

Game: Zuma's Revenge, Challenge: Get 10 fruit shots (win 1000 tokens!)

PogoAddiction Contests / Re: PA Daily Challenge ~ March 22 - 31
« Last post by gizdor on March 28, 2017, 05:36:24 PM »
Thanks Vikki

March 22: Game - First Class Solitaire, Challenge: Win at least 350 tokens
Spoiler: show

March 23: Game - Undiscovered World, Challenge: Finish any level at 96% accuracy
Spoiler: show

March 24: Game - Trizzle, Challenge: Have at least 1 Large Doll of each colour on your board
Spoiler: show

March 25: Game - Tumble Tiles, Challenge: Complete a level, earning 40 tokens
Spoiler: show

March 26: Game - Sparks, Challenge: Ignite 3 stars (stars are found when playing Challenging Mode)
Spoiler: show

March 27: Game - Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Challenge: Have at least 5 Draws Left
Spoiler: show

March 28:  Game - Monkey Gems, Challenge: Get a Fruit Bonus of 3
Spoiler: show
Games and Fun / Re: Item of the Week - May challenges
« Last post by gizdor on March 28, 2017, 05:05:57 PM »
Thanks for letting us chime in here, Lisa!

Battleship, Blackjack Carnival, Boardwalk Seaball, Flower Daze & Hangman Highjinx ( to name a few )
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