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thanks, FLC!

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PogoAddiction Socials / Re: Manic Monday - March 27
« Last post by essbee on Today at 04:24:31 PM »
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Games and Fun / Re: Item of the Week ~ March 26 - April 1
« Last post by Marie Phoenix on Today at 01:09:51 PM »
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PogoAddiction's Pogo Mini Hotshots / Re: PA Hot Shots - Week of 4/3/17
« Last post by gizdor on Today at 11:59:14 AM »
Thanks FLC... great theme

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Games and Fun / Re: Item of the Week ~ March 26 - April 1
« Last post by gizdor on Today at 09:43:09 AM »
Thanks Lisa, I love this came, but haven't played in a long time!

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Games and Fun / Re: Item of the Week ~ March 26 - April 1
« Last post by FreddieB on Today at 07:32:21 AM »
Thanks, Lisa.  Pogo teased us with rank 51, letting us believe there would be more ranks to come.

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PogoAddiction Contests / Re: Pogo Daily Challenges ~ March 27 - April 2
« Last post by FreddieB on Today at 07:09:08 AM »
Thanks, Vikki!

Monday March 27

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Monday's Daily Challenges:

(Please remember to modify your post each day, not create a new one, Thanks!)

Game: Connect 4, Challenge: Use the Blocker (hand) power up in Power Chip mode 5 times (win 1000 tokens!)

Game: Stack 'em, Challenge: Remove 20 yellow chickens (win 1000 tokens!)

Here are the guidelines:

Each day, has two daily challenges where you complete the challenges, and earn tokens!

Complete the challenges each day, and then come back and post your screenshots in the thread. 

Each week, you will earn 4 FORUM EVENT BADGE points, and 25,000 PA credits for completing 5 out of the 7 days worth of Daily Challenges. 

The contest will begin on a Monday, and end that Sunday.

You will make your initial post of your screenshots in the following format,
and then each day afterwards you will go into your post and modify it for the next day.

Below are examples of the screenshots that are acceptable:
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Be sure to crop out other players screen names, and make sure yours is there. 
Please be sure to use the SPOILER (SP) button around each day of the week.

My completed challenges:

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PogoAddiction Socials / Manic Monday - March 27
« Last post by FreddieB on Today at 05:40:56 AM »
Welcome to Manic Monday!

Today we will have some fun in

Your challenge is to clear at least 40 sets, on any level.

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BONUS:  Get a Jackpot Spin in one game on NORMAL LEVEL for a PogoAddiction Personal Challenge ticket.

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To receive the 4 social points for this manic challenge you must play with us during the 8 pm social.

AND your entries must be posted by 9:15 pm EDT. 

Please, as always when posting.... remove all of the other names in the "Who's Here" list and the chat.
You may leave your name if you wish, but be sure one of the Pink's names is showing.

To receive the siggy alone, you may play this challenge at any time.
Post your screenshot in this thread using a single [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] tag around your screenshots.

This challenge is open until 7 am EDT tomorrow, March 28th.

Do not delete your images from Photobucket or ImageShack until the challenge is over.
This challenge is open to everyone. 
Your reward for completing this challenge is a personalized siggy by paintnut2.

Have a great Manic Monday!!

Games and Fun / Re: Item of the Week ~ March 26 - April 1
« Last post by FLCruise7 on Yesterday at 09:54:37 PM »
Thanks, Lisa!  I've always liked this one -- wish it wasn't Java - would love more ranks!!

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